'Revenge Prank': Garrick tries to fake his death to prank his wife, but will this affect their marriage?

Garrick tries to get back at his wife with a revenge prank but will he push all her buttons with this prank?

                            'Revenge Prank': Garrick tries to fake his death to prank his wife, but will this affect their marriage?
Zoe (MTV)

Garrick and Zoe have been together for six years and the pair are parents to two beautiful children. However, their sweet marriage is set to be hit by a revenge prank that Zoe did not see it coming. Garrick decided to get back at his wife for a prank she played on him when she was eight months pregnant. Zoe pranked Garrick into thinking that her water broke at 3 am and it left him panicking about what to do. Once he got to know it was a prank, he broke down crying as the stress of it was too much for him to handle. The video, to date, has received 400,000 views and he thinks it is time to get back at her. 

Garrick sought help from Pauly D, the Jersey Shore housemate, and he told the reality star that he wanted to fake his death to get back at his wife. To make his dream come true, Pauly planned a fake skydiving experience. Pauly got the help of Debs, the fake receptionist, Crash, the fake skydiving instructor and fake Garrick, a dummy kept in place to make sure everyone is fine.  The first step to scaring Zoe was Debs talking to her and telling her about the accidents that have occurred in the past. She pointed out that there has been a man who did not survive while pointing out the biggest risk is of someone having a heart attack. Hearing all these things had Zoe thinking if Garrick should be doing this.

To make matters worse, Debs asked Garrick to sign documents that stated they are not responsible for his death and how it would have been better if he had life insurance. Just when Zoe thought things could not get worse, Crash came in and told Zoe that he had been hungover from last night because he had attended a bachelor party. Looking at how Crash was feeling sick, Zoe wondered if things would be fine. As the time came for Garrick to head to the plane, she hugged him goodbye and wished him luck. Once everything was in place, Garrick quickly hid in the car to see how she would react. 

Debs pointed to the direction where Zoe could see Garrick jump out of the plane. She was shocked to find out that as fake Garrick came down, his harness broke. Zoe thought Garrick had met a horrible death and broke down crying. Garrick was quick to come and assure her everything was fine. 

She admitted she was pissed but later laughed it off to see how he got back at her. 

'Revenge Prank' airs on Thursdays at 9 pm ET on MTV.