'Restaurant Impossible': Robert helps diner attain 75% spike in business by upgrading roach-infested kitchen

'Restaurant Impossible': Robert helps diner attain 75% spike in business by upgrading roach-infested kitchen
Robert Irvine (Getty Images)

'Restaurant Impossible: Back in Business' aired its premiere episode this week and Robert Irvine has wasted no time in establishing that the show would highlight emotional journeys of restaurant owners and how he and his team would chip to add moments of happiness to their unique paths. 

In Episode 1, he visits Ridgeland, Mississippi to understand why restaurant owners Tony and Lori Spreafico's marriage was falling apart. And it had a lot to do with their failing restaurant business, which had Robert's complete attention. Rossini was not working for a lot of reasons, but topping the list was hygiene. The kitchen floors were strewn with shards of glass and the sides of it were infested with cockroaches. 

It was evident they needed help. Robert isn't the one to mince words and he says it like it is, and that was exactly what he did when he toured the restaurant kitchen, which was in shambles. "You've got to change. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and let's fix this," he yelled. And within no time, the interiors were done up with new kitchen appliances that gave Rossini a whole new look and feel, prompting customers to feel invested, wanted, and welcomed in the restaurant. 

After Robert left, Tony and Lori's business witnessed a 75% spike but it didn't last for long. The pandemic put a stop to their unprecedented success. In a matter of days, the restaurant was empty and they were finding it hard to keep up with the expenses. But Robert devised a solution for that too. He figured, they were not home-delivering and Rossini had no dedicated website. 

Once, those two issues were fixed, the couple was back on track despite the Covid-19 crisis. They marked tables to ensure social distancing was practiced, and proper sanitation measures were taken in the kitchen. All of those details were mentioned on the newly-developed website to gain the trust of their customers.

Robert knows what he is doing. And once again, he made sure that his knowledge and skills related to the food industry come in handy. He was deeply invested in the couple's business and wanted to help them work things out. He has not only saved their marriage of 20 years, but the restaurant business as well. 

Catch all the new episodes of 'Restaurant Impossible: Back in Business' every Thursday on Food Network at 9/8c. For more information, check your local listings.  

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