Mother-of-three falls through ice and dies while trying to rescue her dog from frozen pond

Tracy Cashman, 38, fell through a frozen pond while trying to rescue her beloved Goldendoodle during a walk in Wyoming, Michigan on Saturday

                            Mother-of-three falls through ice and dies while trying to rescue her dog from frozen pond

In a bid to rescue her dog, a mother-of-three fell through a frozen pond and ended up losing her life.

On Saturday night, 38-year-old Tracy Cashman had taken her Goldendoodle Lola for a walk as usual near her residence in Wyoming, Michigan. Cashman took Lola to walk at Battjes Park quite regularly but failed to return home that day. However, the wet dog was able to find her way home at about 9 pm all alone, Daily Mail reports.


According to ABC13, relatives of Cashman thought she must have been searching for the dog and went to the park themselves to locate her, but in vain. Unable to find her in the dark, they called police at midnight and reported her missing.

Cashman's body was ultimately found in the frozen pond by rescue crews who rushed to the park after the report. Authorities believe she fell through the ice as she tried to rescue her dog and died in the process.


Jerome See, a longtime friend of Cashman's, said: "The dog came back and she didn't and I figured she was just looking for the dog so I waited and I guess I waited too long." For Rhonda Moore, her mother, Cashman had a heart of gold and it was no surprise that she was heroically died trying to save her dog. "She wasn't foolish. You know what? She acted on instinct because she had such a big heart," she said. "That dog... any dog, any cat would be just like another kid to her."

Cashman has left behind a son, 19, and two daughters aged 18 and 12 respectively. If you wish to chip in, friends and family have set up a GoFundMe page to help with funeral and other costs.