'Renovation Island': Bryan and Sarah complete renovating Honeymoon suite, Someday villa and they're gorgeous

Bryan was left speechless after seeing how beautiful the honeymoon suite and Someday Villa looked after Sarah gave them the finishing touches

                            'Renovation Island': Bryan and Sarah complete renovating Honeymoon suite, Someday villa and they're gorgeous
Sarah and Bryan Baeumler (HGTV)

We have to hand it to Sarah and Bryan Baeumler for being able to carry out the work on their ambitious renovation project despite being under immense amount of stress. When the couple decided to move to the Bahamas to run a resort with no prior experience, they knew that they would have to face a few roadblocks along the way to accomplish their dream of renovating an old, abandoned resort into a tourist hotspot. But they were taken by surprise and shock with all the challenges that lay ahead for them as they began the work of renovation.

After the Baeumlers shelled out a whopping $10 million by draining all their savings and investment into purchasing the rundown resort, they had no choice but to work on turning the resort into a luxury tourist hotspot. They initially set the opening date to six months since their arrival to the Bahamas. But after coming to terms with the amount of work that lay ahead for them, they decided to push the opening date a little further away, so that they had enough time to renovate the resort into a cozy and comfortable stay option.

Owing to the budget constraints and ever-increasing expenses, the couple decided on taking the renovation phase-wise, rather than taking on the entire work at a time. The resort which is spread across a sprawling 10-acre property boasts of 18 luxurious hotel rooms, 22 ocean-front villas and pools, was in dire need of major renovation work. So, Bryan and Sarah decided to first focus on completing the villas, including the honeymoon suite. These would bring in a good chunk of revenue, and the plan was to reinvest the money into the renovation work for the rest of the resort, and eventually open up the entire space.


After countless days of long and hard work, Bryan and Sarah finally managed to finish the honeymoon suite and Someday Villa project. While Bryan oversaw the construction and renovation aspect, Sarah handled the interior designing and decoration of the completed villas. She added a lot of whites, and beautiful decor pieces to spruce up space. Even Bryan, who was initially hesitant to execute some of Sarah's interior design ideas, was pleasantly surprised by how beautiful the final product looked. We can't wait to see how Bryan and Sarah manage to convert the whole space.

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