'Renovation Island': Bryan and Sarah finally reveal what happened to the pets they left behind in Canada

Concerned fans can heave a sigh of relief knowing that the Baeumler family's pets weren't abandoned when they made their big move to the Bahamas

                            'Renovation Island': Bryan and Sarah finally reveal what happened to the pets they left behind in Canada
Bryan and Sarah Baeumler (HGTV)

HGTV's hit show 'Renovation Island' showed us the adventures of the Baeumler family in the Bahamas. But before they moved to the Bahamas, Bryan and Sarah Baeumler lived a cozy and comfortable life in Canada, along with their children and pets. The premiere episode of 'Renovation Island' gave us a tiny glimpse of it. We saw the family packing up their belongings and getting ready to embark on their next big adventure.

While fans were excited to see what was in store for this adventurous family in the Bahamas, they were left wondering about an aspect of their life back home in Canada — their pets. The Baeumler children had a cat and rabbit as their family pets. So, while they were packing up for their new life in the Bahamas, the family made a conscious decision to leave behind the pets.

In the episode, we saw the kids bid a tearful goodbye to their pets, while Bryan could be heard telling their family cat to continue hunting and eat a lot of mice. After that clip, we next saw the family stepping foot in the Bahamas, which left fans worried and concerned about the pets. Several fans wondered about the fate of the pets and often questioned the Baeumlers if they just abandoned their pets.

Thankfully, we got our answers during the tell-all special of the show where the couple revealed what happened to their pets after they left for the Bahamas. In their candid interview about the behind the scenes events of 'Renovation island', Bryan and Sarah revisited all the big moments that transpired since they made the decision to move to South Andros, a remote island in the Bahamas to run a resort.

They begin their walk down the memory lane from the time they spent packing their belongings in Canada. While discussing how it was a big change for every member of the Baeumler family, the couple touched on the subject of their pets, They clarified that they didn't abandon their pets or just leave them to their own fate in Canada.

Bryan explained how their pets had been spoiled rotten and pampered by his parents, Sarah's parents and even their friends while the couple was away in the Bahamas. Bryan reassured everyone that the pets were well taken care of and lived a comfortable and happy life even during the family's absence. This clarification from the Baeumlers should come as a relief to all those concerned fans who were wondering about the pets.

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