'Renovation, Inc': Tracy experiences 'renovation burnout', Bryan and Sarah come to her rescue

Bryan and Sarah go the extra mile to complete the renovation quickly to reduce Tracy's anxiety and stress

                            'Renovation, Inc': Tracy experiences 'renovation burnout', Bryan and Sarah come to her rescue
'Renovation, Inc' (HGTV)

When Tracy and Shawn decided to renovate their home, little did they know how stressful and exhausting it can get. From the get-go, things were a little tricky when it came to Tracy and Shawn's home renovation project. The couple had a limited budget, but their wishlist was long and expensive.

hile Tracy wanted the bulk of the budget to go in towards renovating their basement, and the interiors of the home, Shawn was keener on giving a makeover to their backyard, with a focus on their swimming pool. Unfortunately, neither of them was ready to give up on their renovation dreams.

So Bryan and Sarah Baeumler already had quite a bit of challenge on their plate even before they got down to the work. After some discussions with their clients, Bryan and Sarah decided to split the budget in such a way that a bit of both demands can be met. Tracy seeks Bryan's guidance for suggestions on how to go about their renovation work, which ended up causing some friction between Sarah and Bryan.

But eventually, the Baeumlers came up with a plan on how to go about the renovation work. Once Bryan got down to work, he had to wait to receive permits to get the work going. This took him a week to obtain the necessary permits. Once the permits were ready, Bryan and his crew were ready to start the work, but unfortunately, the weather wasn't taking their side.

Owing to bad weather, Bryan and his crew had to put off the renovation work for a further two weeks away. All this delay began getting on Tracy's nerves. With so many people constantly walking in and out of their home and everything strewn everywhere, Tracy was having a hard time taking care of her toddler. So, she pulled Bryan aside and expressed her displeasure.

She made it clear to him that all the renovation work was causing a lot of anxiety, as she was having a hard time finding a nook to put the toddle to sleep, and the people and noises weren't helping either. Bryan assures her that they'll be done in a week, following which Tracy wouldn't have to worry about anything anymore.

Bryan and Sarah go the extra mile and put in a lot of hard work to complete the renovation on time. In the end, when Tracy and Shawn look at the final result, they were left awestruck and speechless over how wonderfully their house was transformed. Tracy then expressed how the wait and all the anxiety was worth it after seeing the completed renovation.

This means Bryan and Sarah managed to complete yet another renovation project successfully. We can't wait to see the new projects that await them. 'Renovation, Inc' airs every Sunday at 8/7c on HGTV.

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