'Renovation, Inc': Shawn and Tracy remind Sarah of herself and Bryan after watching them fight and compromise

Sarah Baeumler saw a bit of herself and Bryan in their new clients, Tracy and Shawn

                            'Renovation, Inc': Shawn and Tracy remind Sarah of herself and Bryan after watching them fight and compromise
Sarah and Bryan Baeumler (HGTV)

'Renovation, Inc' stars Bryan and Sarah Baeumler are known for their petty fights and compromises among themselves. On their other HGTV show 'Renovation Island' we saw Bryan ad Sarah bickering over their design ideas and working style, but eventually, they found a midway to work things out without upsetting each other too much. 

Bryan and Sarah work with various clients on 'Renovation, Inc' to renovate their homes into a dream abode. In the pilot episode, we were introduced to a couple named Shawn and Tracy. The couple had an ambitious plan of renovating both their home and the backyard. They allocated a budget of $123,000 for all the work. While the budget is a pretty good amount, the couple had a very different idea about what needed renovation. Tracy was keen on getting their basement renovated into a beautiful living space, where their three children and occasional guests could spend some time lounging about. 

Shawn, on the other hand, wanted the backyard to take the centre stage for the renovation work. He wanted their pool to get a nice modern facelift and install some outdoor dining and seating area. The two had very contradicting requirements and made specific requests to Bryan and Sarah about what they were expecting. The Baeumlers then crunched the numbers to see how much their wishlist of renovation work would cost and found that it far exceeded the allocated budget.

He then met the couple and explained that they either need to cut down some of their renovation wishlists or assign more budget. The couple agreed to cut down their wishlist and try to squeeze in both basement and backyard renovation within their budget, by making some drastic changes to their initial plan. In the beginning, Shawn expressed how he wanted a gym in the basement, so after some discussion, the couple settled down on scrapping the gym area. Tracy began to consult Bryan behind Shawn and Sarah's back to get some helpful suggestions and advice on their renovation work.

After seeing the two, Sarah couldn't help but remark how the couple reminded her of Bryan and herself. She pointed out their fights, decision-making, etc, and concluded that they were all alike. We might have to agree with Sarah on that. We can't wait to see how Bryan and Sarah manage to transform the space keeping both Shawn and Tracy's needs in mind.

'Renovation, Inc' airs every Sunday at 8/7c only on HGTV. 

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