'Renovation, Inc': James and Lisa paid $200,000 over home's asking price, Internet asks 'who are these people'

Viewers were shocked on hearing how much James and Lisa shelled out to purchase their home and how much more they were willing to spend to convert it into their dream abode

                            'Renovation, Inc': James and Lisa paid $200,000 over home's asking price, Internet asks 'who are these people'
(Jarrett Ford/HGTV)

James and Lisa Lajoie shocked everyone after they revealed a surprising fact about their first home purchase story. On the pilot episode of HGTV's latest show 'Renovation, Inc', we saw Bryan Baeumler meeting his client James and Lisa. Before he began to understand the couple's needs, he asked them about the house, when they bought it and other details. During this conversation with Bryan, the couple reveal that this is their first home that they bought together. 

Although the house seemed a bit outdated in the sense of its layout and decor, the couple were pretty keen on buying it. They explained that they plan on expanding their family soon and wanted to get everything ready before they begin the process and the house was one of the things on their list.

They also claimed that they wanted the house so badly that they paid $200,000 over its asking price! That's not all, the owner received 20 bids for the house, but the Lajois got it, thanks to their extravagant offer.

After hearing about how the couple paid such a steep price for the house, fans were left wondering where such buyers were when they planned on selling their homes. A fan tweeted, "Over 20 offers and the property sold for $200,000 over asking price? Why can’t that happen when I sell a property? #RenovationInc #OnHGTV."


Another shocked fan wrote, "But, $200,000 over asking?! #RenovationInc #HGTV."


If you thought the couple would be a bit more conservative with their budget when it comes to renovation, considering they paid such a huge sum for the purchase of the house, you couldn't be more wrong. The couple's wishlist was pretty long when it came to what they were expecting in terms of converting the house into their dream abode — from installing a fireplace to renovating a bathroom, the couple wanted it all.

So, when Bryan and Sarah sat down and crunched the numbers and realized that their budget might be less compared to their expectations from the wishlist, the couple decides to cut corners. But a few days later, they once again meet with Sarah and tell her their additional requirements. When Sarah tries explaining to them about their budget, the couple reassures her that they can pay for it.

They explain that they moved the money around so that they could afford it all. A fan commented, "Yes!! And they keep ‘moving around money’ to add to their budget... who are these people?!?"


'Renovation, Inc.' follows Bryan and Sarah Baeumler's life in Canada before they made their big decision to move to Canada and run a resort after renovating it. 'Renovation, Inc' airs every Sunday at 8/7c on HGTV. 

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