'Renovation, Inc': Sarah's promise to new client Katelyn about Christmas deadline leaves Bryan worried

Sarah's commitment to Katelyn to complete the massive renovation work on the home before Christmas puts pressure on Bryan

                            'Renovation, Inc': Sarah's promise to new client Katelyn about Christmas deadline leaves Bryan worried

Sarah Baeumler's commitment to leave her clients pleased occasionally lands her contractor husband Bryan Baeumler in a tricky situation. On the latest episode of 'Renovation, Inc'. we saw the Baeumlers meeting new client Katelyn. After taking a tour of the new client's house. the Baeumlers realize that the huge house that their new client lives in needs a lot of work.

Katelyn, a single mother of two boys, lives in a house built in the '80s. She has, over the years, made some changes and upgrades to her home. Her most recent renovation project included getting the caddy boys from a nearby golf club fixing the ceiling spotlights. Bryan makes a joke about how shoddy the lights looked. The two major pain points for Katelyn were the kitchen and the bathrooms.

She expressed how she loves entertaining guests, but hasn't been able to due to the poor state of her house. She then shows Bryan and Sarah how her current kitchen is filled with outdated kitchen appliances and her desire for an open concept kitchen. The awkward layout of the bathrooms left both Bryan and Sarah buzzing with ideas on how to give it a great upgrade.

But before jumping the gun, Bryan wanted to know how much budget the client had alloted for all the work. When Katelyn reveals that she could shell out about $120K for the work, Bryan and Sarah unanimously agree that her budget won't be able to meet her huge wishlist. Sarah crunches the numbers and realizes that to get everything on Katelyn's wishlist done, she would need to shell out about $220K.

So, Sarah meets Katelyn with the bad news to try to see what Katelyn planned on doing. Katelyn initially agrees to just get the floors changed and the kitchen renovated with the budget of $120K. Sarah feels sorry for her, and assures her that all the work would be done before the holidays began so that Katelyn and her children can spend the holidays at home.

Bryan then began the demolition work, when Katelyn changed her mind and decided to go ahead with even the bathrooms renovation. She decided to stretch her budget to $203K for everything. Bryan was pleasantly surprised on learning the news of Katelyn's decision. Sarah then drops a bombshell by telling Bryan that when Katelyn had decided to increase the budget, Sarah assured her that everything would be completed before the holidays.

Bryan is taken aback on hearing Sarah's promise and declares that he is concerned about whether the crew can actually keep up Sarah's promise. Sarah tries to soften the blow by promising to extend her help in every step of the way and also going for simple tile designs. Bryan skeptically agrees to Sarah's stringent deadline and hopes that he can pull it off.

He jokes that in case the crew isn't able to complete the renovation work in time, then Katelyn and her boys can spend the Christmas at the Baeumler house while Bryan continues to work at Katelyn's house during the festive season. 

'Renovation, Inc' airs every Sunday at 8/7c on HGTV.

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