'Renovation, Inc': Bryan and Sarah's latest challenge is a multi-generational family home renovation project

The house had residents with ages ranging from two to 94 years

                            'Renovation, Inc': Bryan and Sarah's latest challenge is a multi-generational family home renovation project

Before Bryan and Sarah Baeumler began working on renovating the massive resort they bought in the Bahamas, the couple learned the tricks of the trade while working with retail clients back home in Canada. Bryan was running a construction company and handling the renovation aspect of it. He then looped in his wife, Sarah to take over the design aspect and also handling customer relations.

Up until then, Sarah was only used to doing projects for their construction company's properties and didn't really have much to do with directly interacting with the clients. Hence, Sarah was excited to take up Bryan's offer and add another unique skill and experience under her belt.

In earlier episodes of 'Renovation, Inc', we saw Sarah comfortably cruise through two renovation projects. After watching how quickly she took to the new business model, Bryan decided to go bigger and began taking on huge projects. One such project was renovating a home that housed multi-generations of a family. The house had residents with ages ranging from two to 94 years, so Bryan was very intrigued by it.

Initially, Bryan went in alone and met Don, his wife Bernadette and their daughter Cara at their family home. The family then revealed that they got the home from Don's mother Gigi, who lived in the same house too. The 94-year-old Gigi was put on the upper floor of the house while Don and Bernadette were staying in the main area. 

But after their daughter, Cara, moved in with her four children and husband, Bernadette and Don made some huge decisions. They decided to sell the house to Cara, but stay in the same house in the basement. Bernadette could be seen insisting on calling the basement as an apartment which would be her home. So, Bryan and Sarah were roped in by the family to renovate the basement, so that Don and Bernadette could have their own cozy retirement space in the home. 

Even before the project began, Bryan already anticipated some bumps along the road, as the project involved many people with diverse personalities. He was interested in knowing who the contractee would be and who would be paying the money. Cara declared that she would be signing all the cheques, while her mother would be making all the decisions with respect to renovation. When asked how much her budget was, Cara revealed it to be $170,000. 

Bernadette then begins sharing her interesting ideas and wishlist to Bryan and later Sarah. She expresses her desire to get rid of the popcorn ceiling as she doesn't like it, and also her need for more natural sunlight in the space. While Bryan couldn't help but notice how the basement didn't adhere to the current building codes, he realized that they would have to make some serious changes to bring it to the current building regulations.

We can't wait to see how this interesting project will pan out. 'Renovation, Inc' airs every Sunday at 8/7c on HGTV.

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