'Renovation, Inc.': Sarah and Bryan Baeumler surprise his parents with a pleasant gift

Bryan's parents were thrilled to see their new, renovated patio when they returned home after a vacation in Europe

                            'Renovation, Inc.': Sarah and Bryan Baeumler surprise his parents with a pleasant gift
Bryan and Sarah Baeumler (HGTV)

When Bryan Baeumler's parents decided to take off for a vacation in Europe, the good son that he is, he decided to do something special for them when they are back home. Bryan and Sarah acknowledge all the help that his parents lend them by taking care of their children and stepping in whenever needed, so they plan on expressing their appreciation and gratitude by renovating the old couple's patio.

Bryan explains how his parents enjoy sitting and relaxing on their patio, so he brings in Sarah and the couple plan on giving a lovely makeover to that space. Bryan begins the work by removing all the old wooden panels and replacing it with some modern fixtures. He then places a barbecue grill in the patio, so that his father can have fun barbecue parties. Sarah comes in with the decor and brings along some nice seating options and cushions so that Bryan's parents can have a relaxing time.

Although the work was fairly simple, it turned out to be a very interesting one. Bryan's employee Adam comes across an old tape of Bryan while doing the renovation work. The tape's cover photo featured a much younger Bryan playing the flute. Adam was so amused by it that he goes to Bryan with the tape and asks him about it. An embarrassed Bryan then slowly begins explaining how in his younger days he used to play the flute and was really good at it. Adam then jokes about Bryan's musical career and suggests he release another tape.

Amidst all the fun and play, they managed to complete the renovation work in no time. When Bryan's parents come home and see their brand new patio, they are pleasantly surprised by it. Bryan and Sarah then show off all the new additions they made to the patio, including the remote-controlled extension. When Bryan's father sees it, he jokes to the family that they should go away on vacations more often so that they can come home to such beautiful surprises. Bryan and Sarah feel happy and content on seeing his parents so excited about their new patio.

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