Kin of massacred LeBaron family says Americans must 'hold on to their guns', blames firearm laws in Mexico for killings

Kendra Miller's sister-in-law was among the nine members of a family who were slaughtered in Sonora state on November 4. She says people are being oppressed and abused by the cartels.

                            Kin of massacred LeBaron family says Americans must 'hold on to their guns', blames firearm laws in Mexico for killings
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A woman whose family was ruthlessly gunned down by cartel gunmen in Mexico just days before her wedding has now advocated carrying guns saying defenseless Mexicans cannot fight back against violent gangs in the country.

Kendra Miller's sister-in-law was one of nine LeBaron family members who were slaughtered in Sonora state on November 4. According to her, the family was specifically targeted by gang members in a bid to wage war between rival cartels.

This combination of frames from Nov. 4, 2019, video by Kenny Miller and posted on the Twitter account of Alex LeBaron shows two views of a burned-out vehicle that was being used by some members of the LeBaron family as they were driving in a convoy near the Sonora-Chihuahua border in Mexico. Mexican authorities say drug cartel gunmen ambushed multiple vehicles, including this one, slaughtering several women and children. (Kenny Miller/Courtesy of Alex LeBaron via AP)

The family had just left their La Mora religious community, a decades-old settlement founded as an offshoot of the Mormon church, when they were killed in a cartel ambush. Among the casualties were three mothers and six children, aged between six months and 12 years.

Miller is due to tie the knot next week in La Mora. Speaking to CNN, she explained how her family constantly faced death threats from cartel members.

During her appearance, the devastated bride-to-be spoke on the issue of gun control and urged Americans to fight against any bans on firearms.

"I don't know where you're standing on the whole (idea of) trying to take away the guns in America right now, but I say fight for those guns", she said. "These things are happening here in Mexico because people can't protect themselves because by law they're not allowed to own these guns." 

"So since the government isn't doing their job of protection in the way that they should, these cartels can just wreak havoc and the people are left defenseless", Miller continued. "So I say hold onto your guns, people."

Aaron Staddon, right, a relative of some of the members of a Mormon community who were attacked while traveling near the US-Mexico border, speaks from his home with his children Connor Staddon, 12, and Madelyn Staddon, 15, Tuesday, Nov. 5, 2019, in Queen Creek, Ariz. (AP Photo/Matt York)

She emphasized that the issue of safety is not limited to her family, but is, in fact, a nationwide problem. "What's happening here is the Mexican people are being oppressed. They're being abused by these cartels, living in fear for their life", Miller said. "We can't drive public roads safely. We're being threatened that we can't even take some of the public roads or else we'll have bad things happen to us."

"So many people are not protected the way that they should be," she added. Miller is now planning multiple funerals with her heartbroken family members. 

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