Regina Hall deemed ‘national treasure’ by fans after appearing on BET’s ‘Saving Our Selves’ with face mask

Hall has had many, many moments both on and off the screen that fans can’t get enough of. And you simply can't think of 'Scary Movie' without thinking of Hall

                            Regina Hall deemed ‘national treasure’ by fans after appearing on BET’s ‘Saving Our Selves’ with face mask
Regina Hall (Getty Images)

It only makes sense that when ‘Scream 3’ is trending, Regina Hall, the actor that made its parody, ‘Scary Movie’ the most hilarious thing ever, should also trend. The 49-year-old actor whose most recent screen appearance has been on the second season of Showtime’s Wall Street comedy ‘Black Monday’ has a legacy of hilarious performances that make you laugh till you cry.

Why was she suddenly trending? On BET’s ‘Saving Our Selves’ COVID-19 fundraiser, on April 22, Hall showed up to chat with Kevin Hart in full protective gear: a face mask, sunglasses, and a headscarf. It’s something she has been doing on all her appearances on ‘Saving Our Selves’. Hart was understandably flabbergasted as he said, “Jesus Christ Regina! What are you doing? People don’t want to see you host a show with their mask on!”

“I’m not ready, I couldn’t do my hair -- I didn’t have no wig glue because they sad it’s not essential,” she responded, to which Hart said, “Girl, take the mask off, go ahead -- people want to see Miss Hall!” 

Hall then removed the mask, revealing her makeup-free face and a slightly messy ponytail. Hart, it seemed, did not want to be the only person to witness Hall like that. So, he called his wife Eniko Parrish to come over to his computer screen: “Babe, come look at this s***! You have to come see Regina’s head! I need to show you that thing in the middle of her head!” 

Hart, however, did not mute his mic while he called her and that led to Hall retiring with, “You’re not on mute, you’re not on mute! I heard you, you said I look like the Frankenstein lady with stitches!” Hall and Hart, both shared this hilarious exchange on Instagram on Saturday, April 25. Obviously, the fans went crazy.

The common consensus was: “Regina Hall is a national treasure.” Hall has had many, many moments both on and off the screen that fans can’t get enough of. One of them was from a cast interview of 2012’s ‘Think Like a Man’. A twitter user shared a video of Hall sitting on each of the cast members’ laps trying to distract them while they attempted to answer questions.

And while many couldn’t help share photos of Hall, appreciating her good looks, there were also those who seemed to go back to the fact that the ‘Scary Movie’ franchise owed its cult popularity and success to Hall, and Hall alone.

A Twitter user noted, “People always talk about the bones scene [from ‘Scary Movie 2’] but Regina Hall took the whole franchise with this line,” while sharing yet another hilarious clip from ‘Scary Movie 3’.

Earlier this year, on the 20th anniversary of ‘Scary Movie’, Hall spoke to The AV Club about her iconic character Brenda: “Brenda has definitely become her own little… It’s so funny because I saw Marlon [Wayans] and I said, ‘Wow, this would be their 20-year high school reunion. Where do you think they are now? Where are they though?’ Brenda got locked up for something. I know she did some time in jail.”

But it's not just her funny roles. Hall’s filmography may heavily lean on comedy, but she has also aced her heavier performances. A fan wrote on Twitter, “I stan for Regina Hall because she has nuance. She brings it to every role, even when she's playing over-the-top silly. Just check the filmography. She has dramatic gems as well.”

As TV writer Akilah Green puts it, “Regina Hall is one of the funniest, most masterful actresses of our time.”

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