'Record of Youth' Episode 16 Promo: Finale sees Hye-jun break up with Jeong-ah and enlist in army with Hae-hyo

'Record of Youth' Episode 16 Promo: Finale sees Hye-jun break up with Jeong-ah and enlist in army with Hae-hyo
Park Bo-gum and Park So-dam (tvN)

Hae-hyo and Hye-jun (Park Bo-gum) had promised each other that the two of them will enlist in the army together and that is why Hae-hyo had managed to push his compulsory enlistment all this while. In the promo of 'Record of Youth' Episode 16, we see Hae-hyo leave his mother sobbing and Hye-jun also seems to get ready to leave because he tells his agent Min-jae while discussing their contract that he is happy with how he has been able to make a mark for himself as an actor over the past one year and also believes that it is time to wrap things up. 

Then there is also the scene where Hye-jun meets Jeong-ah (Park So-dam) and he doesn't really look happy, but Jeong-ah seems to be comforted. In fact, she even tells him that he might have given up on his dream and wrapped up with the thought of ending his pursuit of acting but she has only now begun to realize her dream. She is probably referring to the fact that she was able to set up her own shop and has also managed to finalize a few celebrity clients who might help her realize her vision for her brand.

During this conversation, she also tells Hye-jun not to forget the time that the two of them had spent together. She hadn't broken up with Hye-jun because she had hated him, but because she couldn't deal with the emotionally complex situation that the two of them had to deal with during the time that they had dated. The final episode also sees Hye-jun and his father confronting each other after his father apologizes to Hye-jun for not being there for his son while Hye-jun worked on pursuing acting as a career all by himself while also earning his living expenses. 

And finally, the promo also hinted at how the show will tie the loose end up of Hae-hyo in the show. Until now, there was very little he did as he continued to let his mother make all the calls regarding his career. Of course, he did rebel against her, but that happened a little too late and that's all that happened over 15 episodes. Now, after having rebelled for all of two episodes, he forgives his mother for everything that she did before leaving. However, the only plotline that the fans are most interested in at the moment is that of Jin-u and Hae-na. Is she really going to succumb to her mother's expectations and face a reality that is very different from her own with Jin-u head-on? Or would she rebel too? We will find all of this in the last episode of 'Record of Youth'. 

'Record of Youth' originally airs on tvN on Mondays and Tuesdays in South Korea and can be streamed on Netflix in the US.

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