'Record of Youth' Episode 15: As finale draws near for Park Bo-gum, Park So-dam show, fans say 'good riddance'

'Record of Youth' Episode 15 is out and fans are happy that the show is finally getting over. They expected Park So-dam and Park Bo-gum to choose better projects

                            'Record of Youth' Episode 15: As finale draws near for Park Bo-gum, Park So-dam show, fans say 'good riddance'
Park Bo-gum (tvN)

'Record of Youth' Episode 15 portrayed Jeong-ah explaining to Hye-jun that she is done being his emotional outlet and being apologized to repeatedly over the period of their relationship only burdened her further. With no definite development in terms of character or the plot, the show only made fans extremely angry and frustrated. Especially considering how little Park So-dam has had to do during the span of 15 episodes, it is a terrible addition to her filmography, especially after a success such as 'Parasite'. 

One of the fans, for instance, wrote, "So.. Uhm... So basically the central conflict of the drama was just the death of a gay fashion designer and rumors regarding his alleged love affair with the ML. They could've done so much better. I usually really like a slice of life dramas but this ain't it chief. Also, this was my first Park Bo-gum drama and I get the hype. The boy is so beautiful to look at and can act for sure. Can't say I hate it but I'm glad it's coming to an end. Good Riddance, I suppose?"

Another fan wrote, "Yup, good riddance for sure. FL character has strong belief and value but sometimes she act totally opposite of her character and she was wasted playing second fiddle to ML. Second ML has so much respect for his best friend but he can't stop his girlfriend, I mean what was that? how can you hit your best friend girl friend, that's a major no go. Also, the second ML mother story arc is rather unconvincing and hard to swallow."

Another fan was extremely frustrated that tvN and the show's makers have ruined a show that could have been much better and had a great rewatch value, especially in the face of Park Bo-gum's enlistment. This fan wrote, "Ahhh can you imagine if it was a wonderfully sweet and beautifully executed show?? The rewatch potential for the duration of PBG’s enlistment? Now I’m mad."

There is also criticism about how the show has been unfair to the supporting cast and one fan wrote, "My initial rating for this drama was around 8 to 9 but then the female lead got less and less attention and is now basically a side character, some side characters feel like they get too much attention (I just want Jin-U and Haena to be allowed to be together). The development of the romance and the chemistry between the leads fell flat while more believable chemistry could be felt between the leads and some cameo characters. I wonder if they’ll manage to wrap everything up in 2 episodes. I have no idea where they’ll go but I can’t wait to remove Record of Youth from my list forever. It’s sitting at a 3/10 now."

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