'Rebel' Episode 1: Who was Ed Masry? Erin Brockovich says he would have got 'real kick' out of show based on her

While fans are excited to see a 60 plus actor playing the lead, Erin Brockovich is over the moon and wishes Masry was here to watch the show

                            'Rebel' Episode 1: Who was Ed Masry? Erin Brockovich says he would have got 'real kick' out of show based on her
'Rebel' has an impressive cast led by Katey Sagal (ABC)

'Rebel' ABC's new show from Krista Vernoff, the show creator of 'Grey's Anatomy' and 'Station 19', is already winning over fans. The premiere introduces us to the 'wildcat' Rebel (Katey Sagal), her husband's (John Corbett) description not ours. The leading lady Sagal in particular seems to be impressing fans with her quick wit and large heart. 

The official synopsis of the series 'Rebel' describes her as "a blue-collar legal advocate without a law degree — a funny, messy, brilliant and fearless woman who cares desperately about the causes she fights for and the people she loves. When Rebel applies herself to a fight she believes in, she will win at almost any cost."


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Fans are loving Rebel's character, "who's not a lawyer, just loud", as she is described at one point during the show. Fans couldn't think of a better actor to portray her. One fan tweeted, "Me running to watch #Rebel because I am obsessed w/@KateySagal." Another fan tweeted, "barely 10 minutes in and IM OBSESSED ALREADY! #rebel thank you @KristaVernoff for writing a show about a 60+ year old female lead."



This sentiment was echoed by another fan who said, "Just me or should other shows and networks take stock?! Women of a certain age definitely belong front and center! Get it ladies! #RebelABC #[email protected] @MaryMcDonnell10."


While Sagal is of course a TV legend, this show is packed with them. From Andy Garcia to John Corbett, there is plenty of old school eye candy. One fan tweeted, "John Corbett, Adam Arkin, and Andy Garcia? Killer cast! @SOAMayanAddicts #Rebel."


It seems that show creator Vernoff has been quite a Corbett fan for a while. Vernoff tweeted, "Fun fact: the character of Grady was initially named Aiden in the script. Because I was picturing John Corbett while I wrote him. Then John Corbett came aboard and I thought I should probably change his name. #RebelABC."


And clearly, Vernoff's got some serious visionary power. Vernoff tweeted, "When I pitched the show two full years ago, I said “Picture Andy Garcia as Cruz.” Sometimes dreams come true."


And while the stars on screen have been winning rave reviews, 'Rebel' is based on the life of real-life rebel with a cause, Erin Brockovich. Brockovich used the 'Rebel' premiere to promote a larger cause. She tweeted, "A little self promotion now. If you’re into @rebelabc & stories of taking on corporations who harm our land, water and air I ask that you also subscribe to The Brockovich Report to learn the real stories of the real heroes fighting the battles #RebelABC."


Brockovich also rather touchingly remembered her partner Ed Masry, who many may remember as the lovable lawyer from the film. Brockovich tweeted, "oh Ed you would have gotten a real kick out of this #RebelABC."


Masry was one of Brockovich's biggest supporters. Unfortunately, at the end of the 'Rebel' episode, we see rather shockingly that support isn't coming forward for Rebel from the corner she needs it the most. Rebel's husband Grady's (John Corbett) plans to divorce Rebel come to light and fans couldn't believe what he told Rebel. He complains that Rebel is always off fighting for various causes and never around to cook him dinner.

One fan said, ""To cook you dinner?!" -every woman who heard Grady #Rebel." Another echoed the sentiment saying, "If Grady is waiting for Rebel to make him Dinner every night, he’s SO sadly mistaken. She may not be home every night, but she’s out there pursuing Truth, Justice and the American way! Also, it’s NOT the 1950’s! @rebelabc #Rebel #RebelABC."



What lies in store now for Rebel personally? Fans are rooting for some romance to develop between Rebel and the lawyer she assists, Cruz (Andy Garcia). While Episode 1 saw Rebel taking on the fight against heart valves and domestic abuse among other issues, to find out what other battles Rebel has on her hands as the season progresses, you can catch new episodes of 'Rebel' on Thursdays at 10 pm on ABC.

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