"You’ll see changes in the dynamic between the girls," Rebekka Johnson on what to expect from GLOW season 2

The actress opens up about the second season of GLOW and the training the girls had to undergo for the show.

                            "You’ll see changes in the dynamic between the girls," Rebekka Johnson on what to expect from GLOW season 2
Rebekka Johnson (Source: Getty Images)

GLOW managed to win the hearts of many by showing the world of wrestling like it had never been done before. The series stands true to its name, Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling and shows the life of a group of girls who decide to understand the world of wrestling one step at a time. With comedy, action and a lot of drama, the show has got a green signal from Netflix for a second season which is scheduled to premiere on June 29. 

Rebekka can next be seen reprising her role as Dawn, one part of the wrestling duo: Edna and Ethel Rosenblatt. Rebekka's character, Dawn can be seen pulling practical pranks on other members of GLOW but she is a lot more than that. Her character knows just how and when to use her strength. While it might look like an easy task, there was a lot of more she had to put in after being cast for the show. Talking to Meaww, Rebekka reveals the training she had to undergo and what the second season of GLOW will entail. 

1. Could you walk us through your audition process for the role of Dawn?

I was asked to audition with my comedy partner, Kimmy Gatewood, because they were looking for comedy duos with preexisting chemistry to play Dawn and her best friend Stacey. The casting director, Jen Euston had seen our comedy group The Apple Sisters perform ten years earlier and thankfully thought of us. We were asked to create a tag team duo for the initial audition. So naturally we came up with 5 different sets of duos, and essentially performed a 15-minute sketch show for them. We squeezed into our 80’s jeans, teased our bangs, Kimmy threw herself into a wall and I did a jump split. We really went for it.

2. Could you tell us a bit more about your character Dawn? How similar or different are your personalities?

Dawn is a confident, up-for-anything 80s lady and she’s got the shoulder pads and double belts to prove it. Dawn is an outrageous mall hairdresser, who, along with her BFF Stacey, is totally down to just pick up and become a wrestler. She is a lot more carefree than I am. She’s also totally comfortable in spandex and I’d prefer to wear...um...anything else.

3. Before the series, did you have any interest in wrestling?

I actually watched GLOW when I was a kid and loved it. I hadn’t watched wrestling recently but now I am sort of obsessed with it. When I met WWE’s Lana, I was so star struck, it took my breath away!

4. What are some of the special training you had to undergo for the show?

We all did 4 weeks of wrestling training with pro-wrestler Chavo Guerrero and our stunt coordinator, Shauna Duggins. We learned much in the same way our characters did in Season 1 but in more sensible activewear. We started with the basics like forwarding rolls, footwork and running the ropes before moving onto back bumps and splashier maneuvers. We also continually worked on our matches when we had days off from shooting. I had a rough time in Season 1 because I was relatively out of shape coming in. I worked on my core strength between the seasons and maintained with pilates and yoga while we were shooting Season 2. I felt so much stronger and was able to do so much more in the second season. If you look really hard, you might even catch a glimpse of my one ab.

5. Which co-star did you get along with most of the show?

Obviously, Kimmy and I came into the show as best friends but we got close with all of the girls. I can’t pick a favorite! Let’s just say we were all close enough to cycle together and I’m not talking about spinning.

6. Are there any pranksters in the mix? Could you tell us one of the lasting memories you have from the sets?

In Season 2 we shot in a mall while it was still open for business for one episode. In between setups, we went shopping at Forever 21 in full wrestling looks. People didn’t know what to make of us. Sunita, Ellen, Kimmy and I shot some stupid sketches in the store and were politely, but urgently encouraged to leave. We took over that mall like idiots! I have to post those bits - the world needs to see our BTS mall genius!

7. You have done your fair share of producing and directing shows. Any plans of extending that to GLOW?

Obviously, it would be a dream to direct an episode. Maybe for Season 25. By then I’d probably be ready to be on the other side of the ring. Right now, I’d love to sit in on the writer’s room. The writing process on this show fascinates me.

8. What can we expect from season 2? How do you think your character, in particular, will evolve in season 2?

Season 2 finds us shooting the first season of our wrestling TV show. You’ll see changes in the dynamic between the girls as our little gang of misfits is unleashed on the world. Dawn begins to take more ownership of who she wants to be, rather than just going along with the identity thrust upon her by Sam. She also gets wrapped up in competing with the girls.

9. Could you tell us about some of your upcoming projects?

I am about to start crowdfunding for a short film that I wrote. It’s a light musical comedy about the heavy topic of consent. I’m really excited to shoot it this summer. People can find out about how to get involved if they follow me on Twitter or Instagram. I’m @hellorebekka on all platforms.

10. What is your career bucket list? Who tops among the directors/actors you want to work with? What are the genres you would like to explore?

My career bucket list would be to write and star in a television show like the creators of SMILF, Insecure or Fleabag. All dynamite female-driven comedies. Shooting a movie that I’ve written is another personal goal. I just want to write something, sell it and act in it - simple dreams, I know. But if I’m really honest - I’d die to be a judge on Drag Race.