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Rebecca Aretini: Hiker sent LAST MESSAGE to her mother about 'beautiful view' before fatal fall

The 28-year-old was enjoying the view after reaching the Apuan Alps above Monte Macina valley in Italy when she fell hundreds of meters to her death
Rebecca Aretini died on August 22 (Facebook/ Rebecca Aretini)
Rebecca Aretini died on August 22 (Facebook/ Rebecca Aretini)

TUSCANY, ITALY: A woman who lost her life during a hike on Monday, August 22, had reportedly sent her final message to her mother. Rebecca Aretini was on a hiking trip with her boyfriend when the harrowing incident happened. She was apparently enjoying the view after reaching the Apuan Alps above the Monte Macina valley in Italy when she fell hundreds of meters to her death.

As reported by The Sun, the 28-year-old’s fatal fall happened in front of her shocked boyfriend. Soon emergency services were informed about it but due to the dangerous terrain and low cloud, they could not recover Aretini’s remains easily. It has been said that the woman was an experienced hiker and climber, so her death has left a big question mark as to how she plunged to her death.


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As an investigation into her death continues, her devastated mother Elisabetta has revealed the conversation she had moments before her death. She told The Sun: “She had recently returned from an excursion with her boyfriend from the Aosta Valley. The trip up the Apuan Alps was the last one they had to do. She had sent me a photo of the mountains and said 'Mom, if you could see how beautiful it is from up here'. I pray so much that she didn't suffer. It still doesn't seem real to me.”

This comes after a British woman plummeted to her death while hiking in the Italian Dolomites in July. The 55-year-old Louise Atkinson, who was a teacher, reportedly took a wrong turn and fatally plunged 100ft down. Her partner John Dickinson was with her when she died. A mountain rescue spokesman said, “The couple, who were not married, were on a hike on Sunday when they took a wrong turning and ended up on a more challenging route.”

The spokesperson went on to explain: “It involved a Via Ferrata cableway, and they did not have the correct equipment so when they realised it was harder, they turned back. On the way down and just before re-joining the correct route the British lady slipped and fell around 35 metres,” before adding, “She suffered fatal injuries and was already deceased by the time the helicopter arrived at the scene. Her partner and others who had seen what happened raised the alarm but there was nothing that could be done.”

Atkinson’s neighbor shared, “It is dreadful shock. She was a teacher and only broke up last week. They left for their holidays at the weekend. She loved teaching and the pupils are going to be sad when they find out Miss Atkinson has died.”

Carlo Alberto Zanella, the president of mountaineering group CAI Alto Adige, also expressed his concern as he added: “We are worried. It is already a difficult summer for the rescuers called to intervene at high altitude and, unfortunately, I fear it will be even more complex with the beginning of August. These routes cannot be underestimated and you must always tackle them with harness and the utmost caution.”