Reba McEntire jokes about Blake Shelton's hosting skills in her Academy of Country Music Awards opening speech

Reba McEntire took to talking about the three male hosts who had previously anchored the event and her statement had the audience in splits thanks to the dose of feminism in it.

                            Reba McEntire jokes about Blake Shelton's hosting skills in her Academy of Country Music Awards opening speech
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The 53rd Academy of Country Music Awards saw talented country musicians come together under one roof and while the night was star-studded, the host, Reba McEntire lightened up the entire night while sharing a feministic viewpoint in her opening speech. 

She joked about previous hosts (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

The singer decided to go behind previous hosts of the show, Blake Shelton, Dierks Bentley and Luke Bryan. Reba referred to the time when Blake and Dierks had hosted the show. While many may have loved the performance of the duo, Reba was not so impressed. “I guess they finally figured out it only takes one woman to do the job of two men,” she said and the entire place started applauding her one-liner. 

However, it was all fun and game as Blake was spotted laughing at the joke as well. She later added that she loves all three of them and without any doubt, managed to entertain everyone. However, this wasn't the only feminist rant that she was heard speaking on that day. 

She could not stop herself from commenting on how the Entertainer of the Year category only had male nominees. “It looks like singles night at the Holiday Inn,” she said. While most of the people are seen making political statements during their opening speech, it is no surprise that Reba managed to keep it simple but to the point. 

She previously spoke about how she was trying to stay away from saying anything related to politics in any of her events. “This year the idea is to have fun. There’s a lot of political things you can address, stuff going on in the world," she said as per Hollywood Life. "That’s not our theme; our theme is to have fun, not to be mean, not to be catty, just to have a great night of entertainment, great music, seeing everybody and introducing new music."

She even spoke about her act during the award. “It’s going to be a fun night … I want it to be positive and uplifting and so does everybody at the ACM. They first came to me and said, ‘Our theme this year is fun. Let’s go have fun.’ I said, ‘Absolutely, I’m for it.’”