Reality TV’s Most Hated People: NeNe Leakes labeled 'evil' by fans for getting joy out of others' misfortune

Reality TV’s Most Hated People: NeNe Leakes labeled 'evil' by fans for getting joy out of others' misfortune
NeNe Leakes (Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

The OG housewife of 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' NeNe Leakes started off as a really funny and relatable housewife on Bravo's hit reality show. But over the years, as her fame and bank balance began to rise, so did her unacceptable behavior, which left fans labeling her as "evil" and hating on her.

When a fan comments, "I really, REALLY deeply, personally, unequivocally despise Nene Leakes, her unlikeability has reached zenith levels" or a comment like this, "I Despise NeNe With Every Fiber Of My Being. People Who 'Don't Have Time' And/Or 'Dont Care What Others Think' Have No Need To Say So. #RHOA", it should explain how much fans hate the reality star.

NeNe's hypocrisy and lack of compassion for anyone apart from herself is what led to her fall from a fan-favorite housewife. In one of the early seasons, when former housewife Sheree Whitfield made a comment about one of NeNe’s son being a thief for stealing from Walmart, the OG housewife unleashed hell on Sheree.

NeNe has always made it clear that children are completely off-limits when it comes to fights on the show. But the housewife has a tough time sticking to her own mandate.
Time and again, we have seen her make snide remarks about other cast members' children. For instance, in the ongoing Season 12 of RHOA, she commented that Kenya Moore used an egg donor to have Brooklyn. In one shot, NeNe not only took a dig at Kenya but also at baby Brooklyn.


During the reunion, when she was reminded about her mandate of not going after children, the housewife wasn’t even apologetic about her remarks concerning Brooklyn.

A fan tweeted, "Children are completely off-limits. Nene should know that considering how pissed she got at Sheree for bringing up her son stealing from Walmart. I don't care how much people like Nene, she makes #RHOA unbearable! Such an evil oversized woman."
NeNe and Kenya have always despised each other. But when NeNe began getting joy out of Kenya's misfortune, fans felt that NeNe might have taken things a bit too far.


During her appearance on 'Watch What Happens Live', when NeNe was asked about her thoughts on the way Kenya's husband Marc Daly treated her, the OG housewife simply said it was "her karma" and that she "deserved it". Fans slammed her for making such insensitive statements about fellow women in troubled marriages.
A fan shared, "I absolutely cannot understand how Bravo has given Nene a platform on national TV to justify another women’s emotional abuse as karma. Literally, she is saying Kenya deserves this..."


The fan added, "She is gleeful that Kenya is suffering and of the treatment received at the hands of her husband. If this doesn’t tell us the type of horrible person Nene is I just don’t know what else can. I’m so disgusted!"
Fans got to see NeNe’s true colors when her husband Gregg was diagnosed with cancer. NeNe not only made Gregg’s cancer all about herself but also made a statement in an interview that Gregg’s cancer was a result of karma for cheating on her.


NeNe’s poor treatment of her husband while he was suffering and her insensitive remarks didn't sit too well with fans. A fan expressed, "I'm over Nene. I love a good villain like Kenya or Brandi G. but hated the way Nene treated Gregg."

"Gregg is a great husband. He would follow after her, working as her assistant when she went on tour as a comic or out to Hollywood to work. He was her biggest cheerleader," the fan continued.


"He clearly loved her. I can’t believe she tweeted about him being in a bad mood while he was sick. She complained all last season about the burden of being a caregiver. You’re his wife in sickness and health!" the fan added.
'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Reunion Part 2 airs on Sunday, May 17, on Bravo.


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