Reality TV's Most Hated People: ‘Vanderpump Rules’ star Jax Taylor’s cheating leaves fans feeling disgusted by him

Taylor has earned a permanent spot in the black book of 'Vanderpump Rules' fans due to his questionable and problematic behavior on the show

                            Reality TV's Most Hated People: ‘Vanderpump Rules’ star Jax Taylor’s cheating leaves fans feeling disgusted by him
Jax Taylor (Getty Images)

When fans begin rejoicing watching episodes of a show without a certain cast member, that’s a clear indication that the cast member is despised by them. This is the case with Jax Taylor of ‘Vanderpump Rules’. This OG cast member was never a fan-favorite. His unapologetic behavior constantly triggers the fans, leaving them fuming at the casting director’s decision to bring him on the show in the first place.
Right from Season 1 of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Jax has constantly displayed questionable behavior. When he was first introduced on the show, he was featured as cast member Stassi Schroeder’s boyfriend. Later, he went on to cheat on Stassi by sleeping with her best friend Kristen Doute, who also happens to be his best friend Tom Sandoval’s girlfriend. He lied for months about hooking up with Kristen, and when the truth finally came out, he was never really remorseful of his behavior.

He was upset that he could no longer crash at Stassi’s house and began downplaying his friendship with Sandoval.
Jax has the notorious reputation of cheating in every relationship of his. His constant need to hurt his loved ones, and the truck-loads of narcissism and the unbelievable lack of self-awareness on his part, earned him a plum spot in the black book of fans.
If you thought a person who constantly commits so many mistakes, might also be big on forgiving and moving on, you couldn’t be more wrong. Although Jax expects the whole world to forgive him for his terrible behavior, he for one holds grudges like nobody else. For instance, he was upset with his mother after his father’s passing. He didn’t even invite his mother to his wedding because he was angry with her!
Fans have been very vocal about their dislike for Jax. A fan tweeted, “The way I DETEST Jax Taylor more than anyone else on bravo. Not a single redeeming quality. Not a single feud he’s been in where I root for him. I don’t know a W O R S E person. #PumpRules.” Another fan wrote, “My god I hate Jax so much. He hasn’t changed. We all see he’s still the same piece of shit he was. #PumpRules.”

“Every new episode is a challenge of, “could I possibly despise Jax anymore?” And somehow they rise to the challenge.  #1800tsandy #PumpRules,” expressed a fan. “
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