Reality TV's Most Hated People: 'Below Deck's Adam branded 'worst boyfriend ever' for being abusive and toxic

Adam Glick once called Jenna MacGillivray 'psychotic' for being expressive

                            Reality TV's Most Hated People: 'Below Deck's Adam branded 'worst boyfriend ever' for being abusive and toxic
Adam Glick (Bravo)

Since the beginning of 'Below Deck Sailing Yacht,' Adam Glick has stood out. Initially, for his impressive culinary skills, which stopped becoming the highlight of his storyline once his dating life gathered steam. Adam has been dating Jenna MacGillivray, chief stewardess of Parsifal III, and it has been a turbulent ride.

It all started with flirty banter but soon Jenna began expressing herself, more than Adam could handle, which pushed him to the edge. She had been continuously hinting at wanting to sleep with him until one night he lost control and left Jenna to cry alone at the dock while labeling her 'psychotic.'

This is just one of the multiple times Adam has thrown a fit when things haven't gone their way. He also seems like a person who cannot take a joke. As he went about his day prepping for meals for guests, Georgia Grobler and Jenna giggled as they shared how they had both slept with the same man at some point in the past. In a fit of rage, he told Georgia not to laugh about it and added how their little chat was making him sick to the stomach. Jenna was able to calm him down this time as well. But that stayed only for a couple of weeks before he acted out again. 

In the latest episode, Jenna is seen making efforts to get Adam to talk to her after their huge fight, in which Adam had said so many things that she had to ask him to not attack her.

Adam went wildflower-hunting for Jenna and when he presented her with the special gift, she was too tired to accept the token of love with high-spirited energy. And this led to the chef feeling underappreciated and therefore, a bitter fight that resulted in a silent treatment.

Fans have maintained that Adam may be good at his job, but as a boyfriend maybe he is not the best idea. A user commented: "Whatever your thoughts on Jenna. She doesn't deserve Adam's emotionally manipulative and abusive bullshit. That guy is flat out toxic."

"I can't even stand Jenna, but Adam is legit abusive. Verbal abuse is abuse... and it's way too early to be set off at this level this early in that yacht-lationship. We all need therapy, he definitely should not skip those appointments," another expressed.

"Adam is just so nasty. On both seasons, his abusive, bi-polar personality is messed up," a fan had tweeted. 

"Adam gives me flashbacks to my worst boyfriend ever," a viewer pointed out.

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