Raising the heat: Reality star and Love Island winner Jessica Hayes stuns in a cherry printed bikini at Cape Verde

The reality star is definitely having the best time of her life soaking up the sun on the beaches of Cape Verde, looking like a bombshell in her cute two-piece.

                            Raising the heat: Reality star and Love Island winner Jessica Hayes stuns in a cherry printed bikini at Cape Verde
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'Love Island' star and winner Jessica Hayes got temperatures soaring as she holidayed on the beaches of Cape Verde recently. Looking like a bombshell in her cute two-piece, the reality star was all smiles for the camera. The winner of 'Love Island' 2015 has not shied away from giving her two cents about the show in the recent times. 

The show's latest season is gearing up for its first dumping episode but Jessica was seen enjoying herself, far away from the commotion, at the Bikini Beach Club on the Island of Sal, in Cape Verde. She was seen soaking up the sun showing off her curvaceous body.

Her ample front looked like it would spill over any moment from the top of her white cherry printed bikini top that had a tie-up detailing in front. She rocked a matching pair of bikini bottoms showing off her perfectly shaped derriere. She's always been known to flash at the camera and this suit was perhaps really not that big of a deal.

She sipped on her icy lemon cocktail and was seen texting all day - probably checking out what people had to say about her. She accessorized with a couple of thumb rings and stacks of bracelets. Her shades were perched atop her head and her long brunette locks were let loose. 

She was seen in Cape Verde just two weeks ago earlier holidaying with boyfriend Dan Lawry. The two were spotted canoodling on the beach and Jessica as usual, stunned in a black two-piece. Her curves were super accentuated thanks to the cut of the swimwear. She also revealed to Daily Mail that she was very serious about her relationship with Dan. "I've known him a while but things have developed into romance. We pretty much live together now, we're never apart - it's pretty serious," she said. 

Jessica found her place in the blingy world of reality television after she won 'Love Island' in 2015. It is a British reality dating show that allows singles to find their match amidst crazy contests and cameras. A chosen few people are sent to live the life of luxury and they must endure shocking twists and turns in order to win the show and find a beloved. They must couple up strategically and form bonds so that they can save each other and come out as the winner. The contestants are known as the Islanders. The show, that first aired in 2015 is on its fourth season at present. It is produced by ‎Sue Dunford and hosted by radio presenter Caroline Flack. 

Before Jessica stepped on to the sets, she was a model and is said to have made it quite clear as to what kind of a man was of interest to her. She reportedly said, "Banter is a big turn-on for me. I don't really like someone quiet and shy, as that's the opposite to me. I'm very outgoing and need someone to put me in my place, otherwise, I'll walk all over them." 

The model, who has had quite a few surgeries done on herself, admitted to Hello! Magazine last year, saying that she doesn't recognize herself but has no regrets. "I do look back at myself in pictures and think that’s not me! I wouldn't say I've overdone it on the work but I do regret some of it. It’s a shame because you know what, before I went on the show I didn’t have a scrap of work done, nothing, and I was quite happy, like the girl next door.

"But we all do it. It's the little things like, 'Oh I don't like my nose or I don't like the shape of my face'," she said. "It gets to the point where you're picking every little thing about yourself. It’s like a game. Sometimes I look at myself and I think, 'God do I look plastic?'

"Do I look like I’ve had too much filler in my lips? Too much here and there?' I am debating having my lip fillers dissolved. My top lip is too big and where I've gone to so many different people over the years, getting a bit here there and everywhere, I'm not happy with it," she also confessed. 

She also advised her younger fans to not get carried away. "For young girls, I just think don't rush into it. You don’t need it. You get so addicted, you get so obsessed with it and then you look at yourself and think 'Oh My God'. It's scary." Ironically, Jessica also suggested in the same interview that people should practice more self-love, especially if they aren't in the public eye. She said, "In the public eye you feel like you need to be perfect and the reality is you should love yourself for the way you are."