'RHOBH': Is Kathy Hilton joining show to redeem her image after Paris Hilton's controversial documentary?

'RHOBH': Is Kathy Hilton joining show to redeem her image after Paris Hilton's controversial documentary?
Paris and Kathy Hilton (Getty Images)

'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' has seen sisters Kyle and Kim Richards spread their magic on the show. Right from being open about their relationship to lending each other a shoulder to cry on, the sisters have not been afraid to bare it all out on the show. However, one person who is always missing on the show is their sister Kathy Hilton. 

Unlike Kim and Kyle, Kathy never seemed to be interested in appearing on the show. Despite fans begging the show to bring her as a cast member, it looked like that request was met with a dead end. Fortunately, for all the fans of 'RHOBH', Kathy is finally ready to make an appearance. 

Bravo has announced that Kathy would be joining the rest of the cast members as a "friend" on the show. It does not seem unlikely that she would be introduced to the other members by her sister Kyle. While the news of her joining the cast is something new, fans of the show already have some theories about why she decided to finally join the show. 

People were quick to comment in the Reddit thread that announced the news of Kathy being a part of the show. Some thought she was coming to redeem her image after the controversial Paris Hilton documentary 'This is Paris' that was released. "I would have maybe been okay with it before Paris released her documentary. Now, I just think she's a crappy person," read one comment. "I think that’s why she’s choosing now to join. She wants to redeem her image," another replied. 

"Should've known she would do this after Paris’ documentary. Homegirl is bored and alone and needs to do some major damage control of her image. Bc babbayyyy shipping your child off - scratch that - hiring someone to kidnap your daughter in the middle of the night is not a good look. At all," said another. 

In her documentary 'This is Paris', the fashion mogul revealed she was taken in the middle of the night to Provo Canyon School, a boarding school where many students were allegedly abused, including Paris. "I thought I was being kidnapped. I started screaming for my mom and dad, like, 'Help me.' And no one came," she recalled while her sister Nikki Hilton revealed everything was brushed under the rug the next morning. 

Her documentary gave an insight into her life and struggles. It also allowed people to see her life in a different light and reshaped their idea of the Hilton family.

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