Kylie Frey holds the edge over Copper Chief in 'Real Country' grand finale

Copper Chief and Kylie Frey have already earned a spot in the grand finale of 'Real Country' and they are both very good at what they do

                            Kylie Frey holds the edge over Copper Chief in 'Real Country' grand finale

'Real Country' which premiered November 13 is a brand-new country music series from the USA network that showcases three famous panelists. Five-time Grammy award-winning artist Shania Twain, platinum-selling singer-songwriter Jake Owen and Grammy award-winning country music legend Travis Tritt. 

In each episode, the panelists pick upcoming country artists to perform in each episode and a studio audience selects the winner among three singers/duo's/groups. The winner of each episode will receive $10,000, a performance at The Stagecoach Country Music Festival and a spot in the show’s grand finale. The winner of the grand finale will get to perform at the Grand Ole Opry and $100,000.


The show just aired its second episode and as the competition continues, we will get to witness amazing country artists. So far, we saw one winner from each episode that left the judges and audience stunned. Copper Chief, a country-rock trio from Texas (Mike Valliere, Rio Tripiano and Justin Lusk), who belong to Tritt's team and Kylie Frey from Opelousas, Louisiana who belongs in Twain's team.

Just seeing these two contestants perform has made it quite obvious we are in for much more amazing talent in the upcoming episodes. But, if you had to compare just Copper Chief and Frey, both of who have now earned a spot in the grand finale, as to who might take home the winning prize, that would be quite a difficult decision because both of them are good at what they do.


When it comes to Copper Chief, the trio are a full-on country band with a little bit of rock swag in their performances. While Frey, on the other hand, has a very soulful voice that is captivating.

Singing Waylon Jennings’ 'I Ain’t Living Long Like This' the trio gave a full-blown performance that would have left you dancing in your seats. Frey sang her rendition of Dixie Chicks' 'Wide Open Spaces'. After their performance, both Copper Chief and Frey were showered with praises from the judges.



However, though the competition is getting tougher by the episode, in my opinion, I think Frey has a higher chance of winning the competition because as Twain said after Frey's performance, she is a "Rodeo Queen".

Though the trio has a rock angle to their country music, when it comes to winning, Frey is the frontrunner because of her vocals that are really commendable for an upcoming country artist and with a voice like, that she surely has a chance of becoming country music's next big star. 

'Real Country' airs every Tuesday on the USA network. Check your local listings for more information.

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