'Real Country': The competition heats up as sought-after songwriter Jaida Dreyer wins episode 3

Just like the rest of the contestants on 'Real County', Jaida Dreyer is no stranger to the country music scene.

                            'Real Country': The competition heats up as sought-after songwriter Jaida Dreyer wins episode 3

'Real Country' an eight-part country music competition series which premiered earlier this month is just done with its third episode and in barely a day we will get to witness episode four where three new contestants go head to head with each other.

In each episode, we will witness three singers among 21 talented artists that are carefully hand selected by the panelists. The singers can be solo, duos or groups and each of their performance should spotlight traditions, songs, and themes of country music. The show consists of three panelists, five-time Grammy award-winning artist Shania Twain, platinum-selling singer-songwriter Jake Owen and Grammy award-winning country music singer Travis Tritt.

Apart from the three panelists, each episode will also feature a celebrity guest along with them. In Tuesday's episode, we witnessed three singers who were chosen by the panelists to perform. The theme for their performance was 'living country'. From Owen's team was Jaida Dreyer. From Tritt's team was Dave Kennedy. And from Twain's team was The Davisson Brothers Band. They were joined by celebrity guest Devin Dawson. Among the three, in the end, Dreyer emerged as the winner of Tuesday's episode. 


Just like the rest of the contestants on the show, Dreyer is no stranger in the country music scene. She has written numerous songs for famous country artists like Tim McGraw, Eric Church and Luke Bryan. Having a contestant in the finale with such a wide experience in the genre means the competition has surely begun to heat up. But one question that is left unanswered is if she has what it takes to win the competition. 

Going by the looks of what the panelists and Dawson said after both her performances on Tuesday, it sure looks like it. Performing 'Fancy' by Bobbie Gentry, her first performance was nothing less than perfection. Her voice definitely shows potential to win the finale. By the end of her performance, she has the audience all cheering for her while Owen gave her a standing ovation. She knew how to captivate the crowd with just her voice. Her voice has the perfect country flair in it and that makes her singing even more flawless.

In the final round, she performed her rendition of Hank Snow's 'I've Been Everywhere'. And throughout her performance, she made sure not to miss a note, neither did she lose her breath. The fast-tuned song was surely not an easy one to sing. And, if she could pull off something like this during the final round of the episode, it is really exciting to think about what she would bring to the grand finale. Her breath control was the best part of the song, apart from her amazing stage presence and it sure did bring Owen to his feet yet again. 


After her final performance, Owen said, “This show is called ‘Real Country’ and that’s exactly what that is right there. It’s your style, your authenticity that shines through. I’m so excited for everybody here to see more of what you’re about to do.” Dreyer has already made a name for herself as a sought-after songwriter in Nashville, and it looks like she isn't going to stop until she gains the title of country music's next breakout act. 

Winning the final round with a total of 4.7 stars from the studio audience, she emerged as the winner of the final round. This resulted in her getting $10,000 and a performance at Stagecoach, California’s Country Music Festival. She also advances to the grand finale of the show, where she stands the chance of winning $100,000 and a performance at the Grand Ole Opry. By the looks of her performance, and last week's winner Kylie Frey's performance, it is going to be one tough grand finale. 

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