IT'S CONFIRMED! GOT7 Jay B is DATING YouTuber Pure.D, Ahgases' reactions prove they're the best fandom

IT'S CONFIRMED! GOT7 Jay B is DATING YouTuber Pure.D, Ahgases' reactions prove they're the best fandom
Reports about GOT7's Jay B dating the SFX artist and YouTuber Pure.D got a positive response from Ahgases, proving idols can publicly date if they have a mature fandom (, @pure.ddd/Instagram)

Not too long ago, K-pop idols used to be terrified when it came to revealing who they were dating. Idols' careers were often badly disrupted when relationships became public knowledge. For instance, HyunA and Dawn had to leave their label and their respective groups when it was revealed that they were dating and had to re-establish themselves as solo artists. There was a near-obsessive culture around K-pop idols staying single to be 'available' as a romantic fantasy ideal for their fans. But with many international fans joining K-pop fandoms, this notion is being challenged. Looks like now as K-pop goes global, the idea of looking at K-pop idols as artists only and not potential love interests is slowly starting to gain ground.

With more K-pop idols dating publicly or getting married, fans are growing mature and are more accepting of such decisions. Gone are the days when idols used to fear death threats from fans targetting their partners. The present generation of K-pop fans are more likely to express their emotions through memes like when rumors swirled about BTOB Sungjae dating an influencer. On July 7, GOT7's leader Jay B broke Twitter when it was announced that he was dating the SFX Artist and YouTuber, Pure.D (Kim Do-hyun) for the last nine months. Initially, fans were not ready to believe the reports but then, the relationship was confirmed by both Jay B and Pure.D's agencies. Much to the surprise of Stan Twitter, Ahgases (fans of GOT7) showered the couple with blessings. 


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Ahgases congratulate Jay B via Pure.D!

Fans started talking about how it was Jay B who lucked out having Pure.D as his girlfriend as the YouTuber looks charming and has an enviable figure. Ahgases were pretty nonchalant about the dating news as if they had already expected that from the idol and it was not a matter of shock at all. One more fan said, "Handwritten letter by jay b is possible knowing that man. But I hope I won't be reading any apology from him. Man doesn't need to feel sorry just because he's dating. Please let's make him feel that him dating is totally fine and we're totally happy for him." 


It seems like Jay B was a little worried about how fans would react to the news of his relationship, which is why the singer turned off the comments on his Instagram. But fans are sending congratulatory messages to the couple via Pure.D's Instagram and YouTube channel instead!



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'Ahgases supporting Jay B and his GF'

Fans on the other hand are joking how the news of Jay B dating looks very normal to them. One fan said, "Twitter being flooded with Jay B's dating news* Meanwhile JayB" Another fan said, "WAIT SO MUCH IS HAPPENING. YOUNGJAE GOT TESTED POSITIVE?! MARK TUAN TOUR?! JACKSON IN THAILAND ALREADY?! AND JAY B IS DATING FOR 9 MONTHS (omg congrats)?!" Another fan said, "Jay b’s dating. pure.d’s hot & pretty. birds are celebrating. people praising her. Eveything looks normal to me. Unclench." Another fan said, "Jay b getting all flirty flirty and simp so bad with jinyoung this recent comeback and he's dating in real ??? that is why no one see this coming."

One more fan said, "AYO MY BOY JAY B DATING BRING THE CHAMPAIGN OUT LEMME RAISE A TOAST TO THEIR HAPPINESS PPLSDKSKDKDKDKDKDJ bruh im so happy for him pls." One more fan said, "Jay B gf IS INSANELY HOT DAMN HOW HE GET HER IDK WHO TO BE JELLY OF LIKE JAY B IS DATING HER SHES HOT AND SHES DATING JAY B AND HES HOT BROOO I CANT VISUAL COUPLE RIGHT HERE." One more fan said, "JayB is hot but his girlfriend is hotter. congratulations to my boy!!!" Another fan said, "Lowkey relationship congratulations." Another fan said, "Congratulations Jayb." One fan said, "I love seeing ahgases supporting jayb and his gf, never saw negative comments whenever a member of got7 had dating rumours, happy for jayb and his gf, hoping to see content of them together."













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