Season six of Showtime's 'Ray Donovan' to unravel in New York, promises return of Mickey Donovan

A new behind-the-scenes video features the likes of Liev Schreiber, Kerris Dorsey, Domenick Lombardozzi, and Join Voight talking about the upcoming season.

                            Season six of Showtime's 'Ray Donovan' to unravel in New York, promises return of Mickey Donovan

Showtime has released the season six poster and a new behind-the-scenes video for its hit crime drama series, 'Ray Donovan,' featuring comments from stars Liev Schreiber, Kerris Dorsey, Domenick Lombardozzi, and Join Voight. 

The drama is set in Los Angeles, where Irish-American Ray Donovan (Schreiber), originally from South Dakota, works for the powerful law firm Goldman & Drexler and represents the rich and famous. Donovan is a 'fixer': a person who arranges bribes, payoffs, threats, and other shady activities, to ensure the outcome desired by the client. He's good at his job and is normally a devoted family man as well but experiences problems when his menacing father Mickey Donovan (Voight) is unexpectedly released from prison.

In this upcoming sixth season, we find Ray rebuilding his life both personally and professionally in New York City. After he's rescued from a plummet into the East River, his savior, a cop named Mac (Lombardozzi)  brings Ray into the fraternity that is the Staten Island Police Department.

The official poster for season 6 of 'Ray Donovan'
The official poster for season 6 of 'Ray Donovan'

An official description for the season from Showtime reads: "While exploring this new world of brotherhood and corruption, Ray finds himself once again working for media mogul Samantha Winslow (Sarandon). Sam has teamed up with New York City mayoral candidate Anita Novak (Lola Glaudini), a partnership that puts Ray at odds with his new friends out in Staten Island."

"The last thing we saw from last season is Ray throwing himself into the river," says Schreiber in the video. "Ray was rescued by an NYPD officer and what gets Ray on his feet again is that drive to just be useful to people," he adds. 

The season will also see a return of Mickey Donovan to prominence. Speaking about his character, Voight said: "There have been many changes, the Donovans are in New York. The only person who's not there is Mick. He feels betrayed by his own family. But when they least expect it, I'll show up."

"The things with the Donovans is strained," Schreiber laughs. "Families, the ideas of all of these things they've built their life around are now gone."

Kerris Dorsey, who plays the role of Ray's daughter, Bridget, said: "Ray Donovan in New York this year and you immediately get answers." She later added, "It's returning to the roots of Ray Donovan that people love." Lombardozzi, who's portraying Mac, promised that the season was "going to blow your mind." 

The behind-the-scenes video also featured some of the segments from the upcoming season. Ray is shown to be recovering from his fall and slowly gets back to the business side of things. However, his father's looming presence, as well as that of the other Donovan's in New York are sure to set up an interesting dynamic. 

The series also stars the likes of  Eddie Marsan, Dash Mihok, Pooch Hall, Graham Rogers, Katherine Moennig, Kerris Dorsey and Devon Bagby. The sixth season of 'Ray Donovan' will premiere on Showtime on Sunday, October 28, at 9 p.m. ET/PT and the 12-episodes are currently in production in New York.

The drama is executive produced by David Hollander, Mark Gordon, Bryan Zuriff and Lou Fusaro, and was created by Ann Biderman. 

Watch the behind the scenes video for season six of 'Ray Donovan' here: