Rapper YFN Lucci's SUV gets shot at in Atlanta leaving driver injured

Rapper YFN Lucci's SUV gets shot at in Atlanta leaving driver injured

Rapper YFN Lucci was the latest rapper to have made headlines for being shot at. The 'Everyday We Lit' star's Mercedes SUV was shot upon Friday Night in Atlanta. According to TMZ, the police found a man injured, but it was said the rapper wasn't the victim. Sources said the casualty told the police he was at the wheel when the shots rang out, piercing through the vehicle and striking him on his left shoulder.

The publication also obtained pictures and videos of the damaged G-wagon which showed the bullets ripped through the passenger windows on both sides, the side doors, rear window, the rear door, the bumper, and one of the rear tires. TMZ's sources also informed that the car was registered to Lucci's mother.

It was also reported that the rapper picked up the banged-up SUV from the salvage yard. The shooting attempt on Lucci is now the third incident in a span of ten days. Previously, rapper Young Thug's car and his two party buses were shot at last Friday in Miami. Witnesses revealed three people were injured in the incident. Young Thug was seen in a Ferrari with two buses alongside him on Interstate 95 route around 6 a.m. local time when an unknown person pulled up next to them and opened fire.

Prior to that, rapper Offset was peppered with bullets in a drive-by shooting just two days before Young Thug's incident. The shooting, which occurred outside of the Crossover Entertainment Group recording studio in Atlanta, Georgia, reportedly happened shortly after Offset stepped outside for fresh air.

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