Webbie collapses during show in Virginia days after shootout at his Louisiana concert

Webbie collapses during show in Virginia days after shootout at his Louisiana concert
Webbie walks out looking shaken during his Virginia concert (Instagram/webbietrill, Twitter/@DatPiff)

Over the weekend, rapper Webbie had a harrowing moment when he fainted while heading off stage, news outlets revealed on Sunday, August 22. TMZ received video footage of the event, which shows the rapper abruptly exiting the stage in the middle of a performance.

The news comes a week after a mass shooting left one person dead and another wounded at a shootout following a Webbie concert in Lafayette, Louisiana on Sunday, August 8. MEAWW has earlier reported on such concert shootings which have seen an uptick. In May's Miami-Dade shooting, three gunmen were seen heading toward a concert near the El Mula Banquet Hall with semi-automatic guns before allegedly killing two people and injuring 21 others.


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The 'How You Ridin' rapper, 35, was in the middle of a show at Roanoke, Virginia's 213 Lux Lounge on Aug 22 when he abruptly exited the stage, followed by concerned fans and members of his security team.

In a short video acquired by TMZ, he can be seen walking toward a door on shaky legs, but collapsing before he could depart. His staff attempted to prop him up, calling for assistance and dialing 911, according to The Sun. According to the site, he began stumbling shortly after and fell to the ground.



Webbie is currently stable. He was allowed to see a doctor and was given the green light to leave the hospital and return home, but the cause of the startling episode remains unknown. Despite claims that it was a sudden seizure, Webbie's representatives claimed that the physicians do not believe such is the case.

The incident comes a week after a shooting at Webbie's concert in Louisiana claimed one life and injured another. The incident occurred outside of The District nightclub at 2 a.m. local time, according to reports, however, it's unclear whether it was a parking lot gunfight or when someone shot at a moonlighting city cop and he fired back.

The event appeared to occur out of nowhere, as fans said that the  'Give Me That' singer appeared to be in perfect health in the minutes preceding the surprise health issue. Fans speculated on social media that he had a seizure, but that is yet to be confirmed. 

"I don’t think webbie having 2 seizures is funny. My son had one on the 10th and it’s scary as fuck. Prayers for him," said a fan. "His team is great. They covered him well to prevent people from taking video while he was in need. They made sure he was straight. Get well soon Webbie," another added. "You're getting older Webbie, you gotta take your health more seriously," a third chimed in,




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