Rapper FBG Duck, 26, gunned down in drive-by shooting in Chicago, Angry Internet accuses police of 'negligence'

Details about the case are awaited; Internet is flooded with disappointed fans mourning his death

                            Rapper FBG Duck, 26, gunned down in drive-by shooting in Chicago, Angry Internet accuses police of 'negligence'
FBG Duck (YouTube)

Rising Chicago rapper FBG Duck was allegedly shot in a drive-by shooting and ultimately died at the hospital on Tuesday, August 4. According to Urban Islandz, sources have confirmed that the 26-year-old musician had sustained multiple shots to his torso and lost a lot of blood.
The details of the shooting are scarce for now, but as Urban Islandz states a video from the shooting scene has since been making the rounds on social media. As per the report, this is the second time the rapper was being shot in the past two years. In June 2018, he was allegedly shot in his shoulder in Chicago. He lost one of his friends, known as Can’t Get Right, in that shooting. In 2017, the rapper’s brother FBG Brick was allegedly shot and killed in a violent shooting incident on Chicago’s Southside.

According to The Sun, authorities have said that four individuals got out of a black Ford Taurus and silver Chrysler and opened fire - hitting three people and fled the scene. Apart from the 26-year-old rapper, a 26-year-old woman and 36-year-old man were taken to nearby hospitals and are in serious condition, according to the report. As per the report, no suspects have been arrested yet.

According to CBS 2, a witness said an altercation transpired, which led to gunfire. Two people fired shots and one man ran towards Michigan Avenue. Afterward, additional shots were fired.

FBG Duck is a popular figure in the underground Chicago rap scene and is best known for his single “Slide.” He also previously got into an argument with rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine after the two traded threats on social media. Duck, whose real name is Carlton Weekly, was a member of Chicago's Fly Boy Gang and has been active on the music scene for 10 years now. Duck released 'Look At Me' in 2014 and a two-project long series called 'How I'm Coming' in 2016 and 2017. Then, he dropped the sequel to 'Look At Me' in 2018.

On hearing the news, Twitter was abuzz with reactions. Artist Ja’Mal Green expressed his anger on Twitter by commenting on the video saying, “Police neglected to offer basic medical aid to FBG Duck and I’m sure their excuse is going to be “Covid”. He laid there needing help and it took way too long for him to get help. How many Black men and women die because of time everyday after being shot? SICKENING!”



Another user wrote: "It took the ambulance damn near 15 minutes just to show up and the police were dragging his body to the side of the road and he was losing more blood."



One said, "Thought I was the only one watching this man roll around shot like they gonna go help this man or watch like I am smdh."


There were tributes as well. One user said: "RIP Duck, a young soul took away bc violence in my shitty city called Chicago."


Another wrote: "The spirits traveling through Chicago are strong beings with the scent of war & violence.. pray for our young people in Chitown. RIP Duck."



One even wrote: "Of course you won't see any Democrats saying shit about FBG Duck getting killed - they only pretend to care about dead Black men when the killer is White. Black people don't fall for their shit, Democrats, ANTIFA, do not give a shit about you. RIP Duck."


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