Rapper Jon James McMurray plummets to death while performing airplane stunt for music video

Rapper Jon James  McMurray plummets to death while performing airplane stunt for music video

Canadian rapper Jon James McMurray died while performing a daredevil stunt standing on the wing of an airplane while filming for a music video. Although he had been training "intensively" for months to perform the stunt, things took an ugly turn during the execution and he plummetted to his death.

"As Jon got further out onto the wing it caused the small Cessna to go into a downward spiral that the pilot couldn't correct," his management revealed. "Jon held onto the wing until it was too late, and by the time he let go, he didn't have time to pull his chute. He impacted and died instantly." The plane, which had gone out of control, was landed safely by the pilot just a few minutes later in British Columbia on Saturday, The Sun reported.

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The 34-year-old rapper was born in Calgary and grew up in the Rocky Mountains before becoming a professional skier. The "incredibly passionate" artiste turned to a career in rap music after suffering a broken back and shattered foot. "His passion for making music videos and performing stunts were combined," his management team said. "Jon pushed music in a new direction that was uncharted territory."

A GoFundMe page has been set up by his family and friends - including his Playboy model wife Kali James - to memorialize him.

Jon married the 26-year-old model two years ago, who said that she fell in love with him at first sight. "He taught me about the music industry. I was just a Playboy model when I met him," she said, according to Canada News. "He's just super chill, he didn't judge anybody, people loved him and gravitated towards him. He's just a loving person and he would never wish ill on anyone and he would never talk down to anyone."

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Law enforcement authorities subsequently investigated the shocking death near the community of Westworld where the accident occurred. Jon was part of a team making videos involving aircraft stunts and parachuting, Coroners Service spokeswoman Barb McLintock said. During the stunt, two planes were in use, with one solely dedicated to filming the action sequence. No one else involved was injured, McLintock said.

Rory Wayne Bushfield, a professional skier, said he had been friends with the deceased star since they were 13 years old. According to him, the rapper was a stunning skier and was the first in the world to backflip from one rail to another. Bushfield also said that he had an "unbelievable talent" for creating music and played in a rock band when he was younger before turning to rap music. "It was a tragedy when he broke his back... but he took that as a positive and it drove him to do some incredible things," he said.


He also said McMurray had practiced for months so that he could successfully complete the airplane stunt. "He planned for everything. It should have been straightforward. It's one of those things. We're not really sure what happened."

Now, Bushfield only hopes that his lifelong friend's music is discovered by others and that people look up to him for his smile and positive attitude. "Life is short, we all know that. He shone so bright. We know he knew the risks," he said.

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