Rapper G Herbo arrested for battery against ex-girlfriend Ariana Fletcher who is 14 weeks pregnant

Rapper G Herbo was arrested Wednesday for violence against his ex-girlfriend Ariana Fletcher and his bail is set at $2,000

                            Rapper G Herbo arrested for battery against ex-girlfriend Ariana Fletcher who is 14 weeks pregnant
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Rapper G Herbo and his ex-girlfriend Ariana Fletcher were involved in a row on Wednesday morning that turned physical according to the Atlanta police. The rapper and his ex were mostly yelling at each other in the beginning, but suddenly it escalated leading to G Herbo leaving the place with their son, Yosohn Santana Wright. He returned later and gave a statement to the police after which he was arrested for battery. 

According to a report in TMZ, the Atlanta police said Fletcher sustained minor scratches during the altercation and is 14 weeks pregnant. The reason behind the physical altercation is unclear as of now and the police will continue to investigate the same. G Herbo is currently in jail and his bail is set at $2,000. 

According to the report, Fletcher and her boyfriend, Gervonta Davis were out partying at Allure Gentlemen's Club where G Herbo also happened to be. The two parties, however, had not gone together. 

G Herbo and Fletcher dated for four years before breaking up in 2018. G Herbo was accused of cheating on Fletcher with Emily B's daughter Taina Williams. In 2018, Fletcher had even posted a series of updates regarding her break up and G Herbo's alleged relationship with Williams on Instagram. Coincidentally, the same year, G Herbo was also arrested with loaded guns after a limousine driver tipped off police.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Assistant State’s Attorney Lorraine Scaduto was quoted as saying, "G Herbo was observed in the rear driver-side passenger seat and officers saw him placing a handgun in the pocket directly in front of him. She said the gun was a Fabrique National loaded with rounds designed to penetrate body armor. There was one in the chamber and 30 in the magazine."