Rapper Flo Milli is OK! Star assures fans she is 'good', after they express concern over her safety

Rapper Flo Milli is OK! Star assures fans she is 'good', after they express concern over her safety
Flo Milli (Getty Images)

Rapper Flo Milli's tweet set off alarm bells amongst her fans. In a since-deleted tweet, the 20-year-old rapper wrote," If anything happens to me my ex did it." As soon as fans saw it, they took to Twitter to express concerns over the young rapper's safety. No details of Milli's ex-boyfriend have been revealed. 

A fan tweeted, "I have chills right now thinking about flo milli because she talks about not having family support in her music a lot. I just can’t take another dark skinned black women being harmed right now. Cover her. Defend her." Another fan wrote, "flo milli is 20 years old. I can't get over how women are routinely subjected to intimate partner violence at such young ages. I pray she's safe." "Uhhhhh wtf going on wit Flo Milli????? Someone check up on sis too many black girls been getting hurt or gone “missing”," commented a concerned fan. 

Some fans even reached out to her management team and asked them to keep an eye on the singer and her well-being. Soon her manager replied saying that they were monitoring the situation and the rapper was fine. But fans were far from reassured and continued wondering about her whereabouts and safety. Finally, Milli herself tweeted assuring her fans that she was OK. She wrote, "Thanks for the concern, I’m good  ."

Even Milli's tweet didn't leave fans convinced that she was all right. Many fans began wondering if her ex-boyfriend was behind Milli's tweet. A fan wrote, "I don’t want to jump to conclusions saying its her ex but i feel like it is. he’s hacked into her soundcloud and deleted her music but i just hope she’s ok tho." Another fan shared, "not me thinking this is her ex pretending to be her tweeting-"  Fans began demanding she share a voice note or go live on a video to prove that she was safe and fine.

Milli gave in and went live on her Instagram. She thanked all her fans for their concern for her, and assured them that she was all right. She later tweeted that the whole incident proved that she had some "loyal ass fans". 

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