Blueface adds to 'Beethoven Was Black' theory with hilarious classical piano piece 'I Will Rise', fans love it

As soon as the young rapper started playing the piano piece with only one hand, fans quickly realized he was only doing it for a laugh

                            Blueface adds to 'Beethoven Was Black' theory with hilarious classical piano piece 'I Will Rise', fans love it
Blueface (Getty Images)

The rapper Blueface recently posted a brilliant addition to the "Beethoven Was Black" fan theory by sharing a meme-worthy clip of him playing a classical piano piece online like a true virtuoso. With a straight face, the heavily-tattooed 23-year-old rapper started playing the song while wearing a massive Benjamin Franklin bling chain on his neck and announced, "Today, I will be playing ya'll a song. I call this 'I Will Rise'." As soon he started playing the classical piano piece though, fans quickly realized he was only doing it for a laugh, as the rapper started licking and kissing his fingertips in quick succession, making it clear he was only imitating classical piano recording.

To hammer home that truth, the rapper then hilariously took a sip of Gatorade while continuing to tickle the ivories with just one free hand. It's not the first time the rapper has been caught trolling fans with his piano skills either, as video footage of him pulling off the same piano prank does already exist online. You can check out Blueface's latest hysterical video clip by clicking here.   

Rapper Blueface performs during Spotify's RapCaviar Live at Varsity Theater on April 5, 2019 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Getty Images)

The clip quickly became viral, with even DJ Akademiks sharing the post on his Instagram account with the tongue-in-cheek caption: "Blueface is living proof that Beethoven was black." The whole "Beethoven Was Black" theory recently became a trending topic with fans last month when fans rediscovered the 2015 post by The Concordian that first postulated the theory that the German classical composer Ludwig van Beethoven was actually Black. The news that Beethoven's legacy had allegedly been whitewashed quickly spread to Twitter and became a worldwide trending topic and viral meme in the early weeks of June. Apparently, Beethoven was of African descent, as the son of Johann Van, a white German man and Maria Magdalena Keverich, who was said to be a Moorish woman (the Moors were black-skinned Muslims from North Africa). Even though there might not have been conclusive evidence to support this claim, it's certainly an interesting theory, one that Blueface seemed intent on paying homage to. 

Fans were cracking up after seeing the 'Thotiana' star's classical piano rendition and were busy posting comments about how entertaining he was. One fan observed "This guy is funny af," while another viewer said, "Please Blueface, we love piano do more." Other followers were laughing at his antics, saying "He said I'm finna lick my fingers real quick😂", while another sarcastically posted "Haters will say it’s fake🔥" Another fan observed, "This man should stop rapping and become a comedian," while another supporter chimed in, "Petition for Blueface to stop doing music and to be a comedian 😂" Looks like Blueface might have a backup career to fall back on if this hip-hop lark doesn't work out for him in the long run.

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