Bad Bunny makes history as Playboy's second male cover star, fans love the LGBTQ+ representation

Bad Bunny makes history as Playboy's second male cover star, fans love the LGBTQ+ representation
Bad Bunny (Getty Images)

The American men’s lifestyle and entertainment magazine 'Playboy' has sparked a conversation online by featuring Puerto-Rican rap artist Bad Bunny in their latest digital cover, the only man to headline their frontpage besides the late founder Hugh Hefner.

Shot in Miami by celebrity photographer Stillz, the picture sees the 26-year-old singer striking a pose while putting his artsy nails on display along with other accessories. Playboy’s official Instagram shared a shot of the cover picture and captioned, “@badbunnypr for PLAYBOY. He has powers because he thinks differently and has a vision of the future beyond what others see. Introducing our first digital cover."

Playboy’s decision to feature a man in their men’s magazine took many by surprise for various reasons. While some lauded the brand for its progressiveness and inclusive factor, a few just couldn’t get their heads around seeing a man on the cover picture.

One Twitter user wrote, "Playboy now puts gays stuff in its magazine? Strange times indeed." Another asked, "Isn't Playboy a hetro mag for fellas? Why is there a guy on the cover? I'm gay myself but sorry this makes no sense." Another said, "Playboy has always been complete filth, but they've reached a new low here. They should be dealt with the same way Franco would've dealt with them." One surprised user noted, "I thought playboy had hot chicks and 'important articles' why are they putting dudes on the cover are they all woke too??"

However, a few have expressed a rather different opinion saying Bad Bunny deserves all the credit for representing the LGBTQ+ community and making history. "Bad bunny has done so much to properly represent Latin American lgtbq, and yet some people fail to recognize the fact he definitely deserves this achievement. I as a lgbt Latino feel proud to be a lgtb Latino," wrote one. Another added, “Bad Bunny has inspired me with his music and helped me love me for who I am. He will forever be my spirit animal and he keeps proving that there is no feats on this earth that are impossible!"


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