Eminem lets us know exactly why he's called 'Rap God' with new #GodzillaChallenge, asks fans to match his flow

The rapper has invited fans to try and match his flow with this latest challenge featuring a verse from his track 'Godzilla'

                            Eminem lets us know exactly why he's called 'Rap God' with new #GodzillaChallenge, asks fans to match his flow
Eminem (Getty Images)

Eminem has issued a challenge to fans - can you rap as fast as him?

The rapper is asking fans to match his flow and that might seem doable until you realize he means his flow on the song 'Godzilla' from his latest album, 'Music to Be Murdered By', which features the late Juice WRLD.

The #GodzillaChallenge was started by the 47-year-old rapper on Tuesday, February 25, via a tweet, stating “Fill ‘em with the venom and eliminate ‘em” @triller #GodzillaChallenge is on. Who can spit it? Reposting + got prizes for my favorites," and attached a video of him rapping along to the song while in a basement full of old-school arcade games.

'Godzilla' sees Eminem's deliver his fastest verse ever, with a whopping 224 words containing 330 syllables rapped in only 31 seconds, setting a world speed record and making it one of the hardest raps to do.

Which means this isn't going to be an easy task by a long shot. But that doesn't mean fans are going to give up the chance to try.

Eminem performs onstage during the 2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards which broadcasted live on TBS, TNT, and truTV at The Forum on March 11, 2018 in Inglewood, California (Getty Images)

Some users really rose up to the challenge, such as this one who confidently says "I can" before delivering one of the best entries so far.

The challenge is sure to uncover some amazing rappers out there too, since matching the rap god himself is a feat only few can achieve. This user says "Guys help me get noticed by eminem’s godzilla challenge! One breath ;)" and delivers the rap flawlessly on a single breath.

Some users injected a bit of humor into their entry into the challenge, such as this user that asks "Does this count?" as he types the lyrics to the verse out, matching Eminem's speed perfectly!

And this user chose to enact a lipsync that goes hilariously wrong - for his friend, at least! But in all honesty, that's probably what most of us looked like when this song first dropped.

Other hopeful rappers found they got a bit of backlash for their entries, such as this one who gave it a second shot, tweeting "REPOST! Sick of the negative comments so I couldn’t wait until 8pm! Getting over a cold and I still killed it NO NOISE IN THE BACK NO READING WORDS."

Oddly enough, most entries had the lyrics in front and the song playing in the background, so it seems like an odd thing for fans to be upset about!

Regardless of what the winning prize might be, just managing to match Eminem's flow at all seems like a win all by itself! Do you have what it takes to get noticed by the rap god?

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