Randy stepdad, 36, attacked with ax and mowed down by car after he slept with his lover's 22-year-old daughter

Christopher Willet was in a relationship with Claire Quantrell for over 12 years and knew her daughter, Sasha, since she was seven

                            Randy stepdad, 36, attacked with ax and mowed down by car after he slept with his lover's 22-year-old daughter

A man was brutally assaulted with an ax and mowed down by a car after he slept with his long-term lover's daughter, The Sun reports.

A masked attacker, alleged to be 65-year-old John Quantrell, ambushed Christopher Willet, 36, before a car plowed into him. Quantrell is accused of trying to kill Christopher after he came to know about his secret affair with his daughter Sasha, 22, which lasted nine months. 


According to Willet's testimony, he had just left work at Trojan Crates in Torry, Aberdeen, and got in a friend's BMW when he was attacked. He said Quantrell smashed the window and then assaulted him with the ax. The alleged victim, a father-of-two, said: “I thought it was some sort of road rage. The next thing I know the window gets hit. I thought to myself ‘if you stay here you’re dead.'”

In a bid to escape the alleged attack, he got out of the car. However, the next thing he remembers is being tended to by paramedics. A black Peugeot was seen by jurors in a video footage hitting Willet before Quantrell got in and the car drove off.


On the other hand, Quantrell gave evidence in his own defense and claimed Willet had attacked him with the ax. According to the retired builder, he was just getting a lift home when he spotted Willet by chance. “He knocked a tooth out, split my lip and broke my arm," Quantrell said. "Blood was pouring from me. I thought ‘I’m dead’. Next thing I knew a car hit him and he went flying. I saw his head get smashed in.”

Nonetheless, authorities later found the Peugeot dumped nearby with traces of John's blood in the interior. The alleged attacker denied he wore a mask and claimed the "balaclava" found at the scene was a beanie hat that he had mistakenly dropped. Furthermore, he also denied going into hiding at a friend's residence after the alleged crime. According to Detective Constable Kimberley Patterson, Quantrell was in need of medical help when she tracked him down to arrest him. However, John said he refused aid as he "doesn't trust" police officers, the court heard.

The 36-year-old said he started seeing Claire back in 2003 when Sasha was just seven years old. In December 2014, he began a sexual relationship with Sasha while her mother was admitted to a hospital.