Randy Orton says 'my d**k taller than you' after Soulja Boy calls him a 'p***y' as duo resumes Twitter beef

Rapper Soulja Boy triggered the feud in February 2021 by saying that the rap game is 'faker than WWE'

                            Randy Orton says 'my d**k taller than you' after Soulja Boy calls him a 'p***y' as duo resumes Twitter beef
Soulja Boy and Randy Orton are beefing (Getty Images)

Rapper Soulja Boy, who first shot to fame with ‘Crank That’ in 2007, has time and again courted controversies, the latest being an online beef with WWE champion Randy Orton. Usually, online arguments don’t last for long but this one has been going on for over a month.

Soulja Boy ignited the feud in February when he tweeted that the rap game was "faker than WWE”; in the latest exchange over the weekend, the two escalated the beef by making it personal.

The 30-year-old rapper’s original tweet had prompted female wrestler T-Bar to slam him by asking the rapper in a now-deleted post, “Does the rap game take years off your life and leave you with countless injuries and debilitating pain?” Even though Randy Orton had nothing to do with it, he jumped into the fray, saying, “Fake? Dare this prick to step up. He dont like movies? Consider us actors that do stunts, without pads 200 days a year and don’t bitch when we get surgically repaired and come right back. Consider us 100 times tougher then anyone you’ve come across. Aint nuthin but a bitch a**.”
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Soulja Boy claims Randy Orton is scared of him

After exchanging several tweets since February, the rapper again poked the wrestler over the weekend, saying that WWE and Randy Orton were scared of him. Randy Orton too did not hold himself back and jumped into the argument. Reigniting the beef, Soulja tweeted, “WWE scared of me. And Randy Orton pu**y. They big cap. use somebody else name for ratings. I knew they was too fake to have me there I’ll slap the shit out dude live.” He then again tweeted, “You a bi**h @RandyOrton and I mean that Hundred points symbol pu**y.”

Orton soon reverted with a level-headed reply, “My d**k taller then you. Weighs more too. Go to bed you f**king infant. You’re welcome for the boost. Go choke on a keyboard.” Soulja logged into his Twitter again to reply, “Bro you wear thongs. Leather thongs at that. Stop the cap. my money taller than you. To be real I think you scared of me. All that talk I’ll smack the s**t out u.” Orton is yet to revert on the same. MEAWW will keep you posted.  

'The Viper' Randy Orton looks on during the WWE Smackdown Live Tour at Westridge Park Tennis Stadium on July 08, 2011 in Durban, South Africa. (Getty Images)









Beginning of Soulja Boy vs Randy Orton

After T-Bar’s response and Orton abusing the rapper initially, the beef did not end, rather it was the beginning of a new online war. Adding to his earlier tweet, the 40-year-old wrestler said that even Bad Bunny would beat him. “Ps @sanbenito would beat the f**k outta you. Why? How? Because he’s seen our world. Respects it and knows what it takes and finds himself lucky to be a part of it. You wanna talk fake? Pawn that cheap a** chain and come work for it you one hit wonder a** mutha f**ka.” Replying to Orton’s earlier tweet, Soulja fired back, “Do u know who the f**k I am. I’ll bring the REAL to wrestling don’t play with me. Randy Ortonnnnnnnn??????????”

Randy Orton took the matter in his own hands and reverted, “Crank that’ came out in ‘07 you had a hell of a year. Serious $. Hats off to ya my dude. Here’s the thing tho... I like rap. I bump that shit all day whether it’s tunechi, meek, JZ...but you call what I do to survive, fake? F**k that. Come to my world and say that. Dare ya.” 

Soulja Boy then made his comeback with the tweet, “If you mad because I spit facts just say that. What you do is FAKE and I stand on that. What I do is REAL. Come to your world? Lol welcome to Soulja World.” Orton then asked thre rapper if he was really talking facts. “U spittin facts? Seems like all you spittin is the same mess you rap about. Nut. Clear your throat my dawg, and be there. Enough talk. Back it up.” Soulja Boy decided not to revert to this, however, Orton then poked Soulja Boy after a week by sharing a few pics of injured wrestlers and said, “Fake. Right @souljaboy? Btw, which one of yo baby’s mommas do I send the bill to for making you relevant again? I assume they all own yo a** so whose cuttin those checks.”











‘Randy Orton would snap Soulja Boy like a pretzel stick’

After witnessing their beef for over a month, social media users expressed their opinion on the same. One user stated, “Randy Orton woke up with murder in mind. R. I. P Soulja boy.” Another tweeted, “This Randy Orton and Soulja Boy beef has been going on for a whole a** month and continues to escalate.” One user said, “Randy Orton been beefing with Soulja Boy more than Bray Wyatt & Alexa Bliss”, while another added, “Soulja Boy don't go at WWE superstars you can guarantee can't ever step foot in the ring with. @RandyOrton is truly one of the best and you couldn't ever lace up his boots. Let alone step foot in the ring. Haha.” One person said, “@RandyOrton would snap @souljaboy like a pretzel stick.”











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