Internet calls Rand Paul 'Russian stooge' after he says Andrew Cuomo should be impeached for response to Covid-19

Internet calls Rand Paul 'Russian stooge' after he says Andrew Cuomo should be impeached for response to Covid-19
Rand Paul and Andrew Cuomo (Getty Images)

Senator Rand Paul is facing extreme criticism for saying Governor Andrew Cuomo should be impeached over his response to the coronavirus situation in New York. Addressing the surge in death toll in New York despite the lockdown, Paul has blamed Cuomo for the "disastrous decision". 

During Fox News' morning podcast 'Rundown' on Wednesday, July 22, Paul said, “The people we are lauding are actually making catastrophic decisions. I think Governor Cuomo should be impeached for the disastrous decision he made to send patients with coronavirus back to nursing homes. Virtually half his people who died were in nursing homes," he said, according to The Hill. 
Paul had previously come under fire for not following safety and protection protocol despite testing positive for Covid-19 in March. In his latest statement against Cuomo, he has also asserted that a "lockdown didn't do any good". Speaking in favor of Trump's decision to reopen the economy amid the pandemic situation, Paul said that the lockdown imposed in New York only "killed the economy but didn't do anything to stem the tide of the virus."

However, Paul’s statement seems to have irked Internet users, who have slammed him for calling out Cuomo over his response to Covid-19 while supporting Donald Trump whose response to the pandemic has been the "worst", according to some on Twitter. 

Soon, Internet users started discussing his alleged relationship with Vladimir Putin, saying he shouldn’t be talking about the prosperity of the nation while being "Trump's perfect Russian stooge" and "Nothing more than a Russian asset to Putin". One internet user wrote, “Rand Paul is an incompetent, blathering Putin pisher. What exactly has he done for his own state, btw? That's right..abso-fffing-lutely nothing."

Another added, “Rand Paul, the often racist buffoon who pretends to be a doctor while working for Putin and ran around the entire Senate while he was infected with a deadly virus, is demanding that Gov Andrew Cuomo be impeached for working to save lives." One agitated Twitter user wrote, "Rand Paul ignores Trump's catastrophic handling of Covid-19 pandemic w/142,000 dead Americans. Paul hasn't demanded Trump condemn Putin for paying terrorists to kill American soldiers.  But Paul attacks Cuomo who's shown leadership during the pandemic. Rand Paul's a vile scumbag."

A few were also seen discussing the infamous incident from 2017 when Paul was assaulted by his neighbor over a landscaping dispute, which left the senator with six broken ribs. When one wrote, "It's moments like this I can truly appreciate Rand Paul's neighbor," another added, "Rand Paul should be impeached for being a neighbor-punchable douche."

One Twitter user who was clearly agitated with Paul’s statement against Cuomo wrote, "I can only conclude Rand Paul is also a sex offender" while another added to the previous tweet saying he “supports a self-admitted sex offender. Rand Paul lives in Kentucky. Rand Paul is an idiot." Meanwhile, the majority of them have noted that Paul should be impeached instead of Cuomo, pointing out that “he’s not doing his job right" and being "ignorant".


One tweet read, “The Democratic Party should call for the impeachment of Senator Rand Paul over being ignorant, callous and just plain stupid." Another added, "I call for the Impeachment of @RandPaul for being an unmitigated idiot." Some Internet users stated that Trump should be impeached before anyone. "Why is @RandPaul not calling for the impeachment of @realDonaldTrump for turning a blind eye to Russian bounties on our soldiers, illegally invading American cities & finally his failure to address a pandemic resulting in 140k+ Americans dead," wrote a user.


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