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'Raised by Wolves' Episode 10 Preview: Is Paul about to follow in his father's maddened footsteps?

The voices have left Marcus and are now plaguing Paul. Meanwhile, Mother and Father have some issues to sort out but not before they discover a secret about their planet
(HBO Max)
(HBO Max)

Whether it's Sol, whether it's insanity, whether it's the ghosts of those who've come before or something altogether more malicious, one thing is certain — everyone's been hearing voices. Strange, disembodied whispers that seem to be orchestrating a master plan. And now Paul (Felix Jamieson) appears to be a part of it all. The question is, how will the voices start to affect him and will they drive him mad as they did to his father?

In the last episode of 'Raised by Wolves', Marcus' (Travis Fimmel) increasingly apparent insanity finally pushed even his loyal followers to their limits. After confronting Marcus about his hidden atheist past, they attacked him and left him for dead — but not before choking him with Mother's (Amanda Collin) eyeballs. Marcus is last seen spewing out Mother's milk — something that we've seen give certain people incredible power.

In the meantime, Mother and Father (Abubakar Salim) were reunited with the children and formed a tentative alliance with Sue (Niamh Algar) to help with Mother's mysterious pregnancy. This seemingly impossible pregnancy may be more than it seems — because the voices have started speaking to Paul and they're telling him that it's a child of Sol.

The synopsis for the season finale teases further revelations for Paul, including a shocking discovery — although Paul's not the only one who's going to be experiencing a surprise. Mother and Father — who have both been experiencing increasingly human-like emotion — haven't had much time to talk since their life at the settlement was uprooted.

They need to figure out what their life together means now, especially given that the voice in Mother's head has been telling her that her new child is meant to replace the children she's already raised — and she's set to give birth any moment now. A secret revelation about Keppler-22b is teased and it's worth remembering that Mother and Father have never really explored the planet they've been stranded on — what revelations does the planet have in store for them?

The official synopsis for this episode, titled 'The Beginning', reads, "Paul (Felix Jamieson) begins displaying troubling behavior not unlike that of Marcus (Travis Fimmel), leading to a shocking discovery. Father (Abubakar Salim) struggles with human-like emotions. Mother (Amanda Collin) and Father discover a startling secret about the planet they're on, just as a new threat arrives on Keppler-22b."

This episode of 'Raised by Wolves' airs on October 1 on HBO Max.