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'Quiz' Episode 3: Not enough evidence to prove that Charles and Diana Ingram were guilty, say fans

'Quiz' came to an end with a taut and riveting finale
Matthew Macfadyen, Michael Sheen, Sian Clifford (IMDb)
Matthew Macfadyen, Michael Sheen, Sian Clifford (IMDb)

The British mini-series 'Quiz' came to an end today (June 15) after three episodes. The show retold the famous scandal that had perplexed the UK in the early 2000s — did Major Charles Ingram (Matthew Macfadyen) and his wife Diana (Sian Clifford) cheat in the famous show 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?'. The legal drama unfolds in the third episode, as the prosecution and ITV company frantically try to prove them guilty. There were too many suspicious coincidences on the night of the quiz show. Why was Charles behaving in a strange manner? Why was Diana's brother Adrian so desperate to make a phone call? Why did Tecwen Whittock (Michael Jibson) cough when the right answer to one of the questions was being read out? However, the Ingrams maintained their innocence, despite being humiliated and targeted by their neighbours. The defence attorney Sonia Woodley (Helen McCrory) said that the company saw what they wanted to see and were trying to read paragraphs between the lines.

So did the Ingrams actually cheat? The show strove to leave the question open-ended, but instead seemed to veer more in their favour, rather than anything else.  The truth is what we want it to be, as Woodley says. All said and done, fans are impressed by the show and its crispness. "20 years later and they're still trying to overturn their verdict? Kudos for keeping up a good fight I guess  #Quiz #QuizAMC," a fan wrote, referring to the real Ingrams, on whom the show is based. "Three episodes of perfection #Quiz Awesome TV," a fan tweeted. Another fan noted that there wasn't enough evidence to prove them guilty. "Honestly I don't think enough evidence has been provided to prove guilt," one tweeted. Anotehr wrote, "#QUIZ on @AMC_TV is low-key riveting. And so smartly structured."

Jibson, who played the role of Whittock, the alleged accomplice of the Ingrams, opened up to MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) about playing the character. He also revealed that he 'missed' seeing the real Charles and Whittock. "They came to the set of Quiz, but they came towards the end of the shoot after I’d finished filming so, unfortunately, I missed them. But I hear that they’re very lovely people," he said.

'Quiz' is an AMC show, that aired on Sunday nights at 10pm.