'Quiz': Michael Sheen is unrecognizable, fans say he 'disappeared' into quizmaster Chris Tarrant's role

AMC's 'Quiz' gets praise from fans for its stellar cast and cohesive script

                            'Quiz': Michael Sheen is unrecognizable, fans say he 'disappeared' into quizmaster Chris Tarrant's role
Michael Sheen (IMDb)

AMC's three-part series 'Quiz' aired on May 31 and seems to have won fans over with its crisp and smart script. The show is a retelling of the famous 1990s scandal, where Charles and Diana Ingram tried to scam their way into stealing a million pounds from the popular game show, 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire'. 

The first scene is of the couple, played by Matthew McFayden and Sian Clifford, standing in court facing trial. And then we delve into a flashback, where 'Who Wants To Be  A Millionaire' was being pitched for the network ITV. Despite all the glitches and obstacles, the show finally takes off and becomes a roaring success in the United Kingdom as well as the United States. We meet Diana Ingram, who is competing in a pub quiz with her brother Adrian Pollock (Tristan Gravelle). They're drawn to the 'Millionaire' show and the obsession slowly takes over them. Adran is desperate to pay off his debts and sees his opportunity.

While he's confident that he knows enough trivia, he is not fast enough to earn himself a place on the Hot Seat and a million pounds. With some underhanded help from a network of trivia lovers and the development of a fast-fingers button, he makes it to the show but loses and has to leave with 32,000 pounds. It doesn't pay off all the debts, and he requests Diana to go on the show. She's unable to win much either, and that's when she decides that her husband Charles will go on the show.

Fans are praising the show, as well as Michael Sheen's ability to 'lose himself' in the role as the quizmaster Chris Tarrant. "Loving #Quiz on AMC. Good script and solid acting. They weren't joking about Mr.S disappearing into the role. The promo pictures did not do him justice," a fan tweeted.

Others remembered his role as Aro Volturi in the Twilight series, and laughed that 'Aro Volturi became Carlisle Cullen'. "I'm really liking it so far," another wrote. 

"So looking forward to this #Quiz show on @AMC_TV, This original film is one of my favs so I hope this lives up to the hype. So far so good!" another wrote.

Tune into 'Quiz' on AMC, Sundays at 10 pm.

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