‘Sexology with Shan Boodram’ shocker: Fantasizing about sex with schoolgirl makes us happy!

‘Sexology with Shan Boodram’ shocker: Fantasizing about sex with schoolgirl makes us happy!
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If somebody asked you, what do women want in bed, what would you say? We bet your answer wasn’t role play! In ‘sexology with Shan Boodram’, the intimacy educator throws light on some of the most interesting yet intriguing topics related to our habits in the boudoir. On the latest episode of her Quibi show, the beautiful hostess had a bunch of women sitting down with her to discuss this under-rated and often overlooked topic.
When Shan asked the women about their thoughts on role-playing and what according to them were the most common roles, the women had some very interesting responses. Most women seemed to be taken by the idea of role-playing. Surprisingly, while most of the women expressed their interest, a few others shared their experiences too. But before we get there, did you know what’s the most common role play persona? A stripper.

Shan revealed that research studies found that the three most common role-play fantasies involve, stripper, schoolgirl, and a '50 Shades of Grey’ inspired one.
When one of the women in the group recounts an incident when she had sex in a costume, and said that the experience was no different than her regular sexual encounters, Shan goes into the science behind what makes role-playing so exciting yet satisfactory. The relationship coach explains how when we begin playing another role or unleash our alter-ego and our partners do the same, our brain reportedly identifies our partner as a new person, and it releases dopamine.


Although it’s the same old partner, the alter-ego makes you feel like you’re meeting your partner for the first time, which makes things exciting and keeps our brains stimulated.
Shan then adds that role-playing falls under the umbrella of kink. When another woman reveals how she had a role-play fail when her partner wasn’t on board with her ideas, Shan suggests that one should take baby-steps and ease into it. She suggests that one could try going into a bar and pretending to be strangers to ease into the world of role-playing.
In an earlier episode, Shan explored the topic of what men want, where she emphasized about the importance of foreplay. The men sitting in the studio with her were asked about their thoughts on foreplay, and what they did as part of it and for how long. When Shan initially asked the men if they indulged in foreplay before having sex, she received mixed responses.


While a few men said yes, several others replied saying it depends upon the situation, while the rest gave a hard no. Shan then explained why foreplay is important and how it helps strengthen satisfaction in a relationship backed with statistics and scientific explanation behind it.

‘Sexology with Shan Boodram’ should definitely be on your watchlist to learn about sex in a very healthy yet interesting manner.


You can catch all-new episodes of ‘Sexology with Shan Boodram’ on Quibi.

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