'I’d rather spend a 30mins on TikTok': New streaming app Quibi launches with 50 shows but viewers aren't happy

Quibi seems to be quite a savior for the coronavirus crisis and many people seem to love it, but several others despise it

                            'I’d rather spend a 30mins on TikTok': New streaming app Quibi launches with 50 shows but viewers aren't happy

With a variety of 50 quick-byte shows, Quibi — the mobile phone app that’s centered on short, bite-sized original programming — launched for iPhone and Android users on April 6.

The brainchild of entertainment industry giant Jeffrey Katzenberg and seasoned tech executive Meg Whitman, the app has a 90-day free trial for its users. It features movies in chapters, unscripted and documentary series, and daily essentials that last 10 minutes or less. Short movies and reality shows like 'Survive', 'Most Dangerous Game', 'Chrissy's Court', 'Flipped' and 'Murder House Flip' have already piqued much interest.

With names of bigwigs like Sophie Turner, Chrissy Teigen, Usher, Will Arnett, and Liam Hemsworth attached, viewers are eager to start watching the shows and have been posting non-stop reviews of the app on Twitter. "I might still do a review of Quibi on my blog this week, but it's not available for d/l yet on my end. Based on the negative reviews, I may pass, though I sometimes differ from the majority. A ten-minute ep may feel like 90 min. nowadays," one wrote.

Chrissy Teigen (Quibi)

"It's the shows that matter, though, and not the tech. That might explain why some critics were unimpressed a night before launch. Then again, I do believe ten-minute episodes are the greatest writer challenge. Probably 75% failure rate. #Quibi," another one posted.

"I couldn’t get through 2 min of a #Quibi show - it’s embarrassing to see some of these actors there. Terrible writing. Wtf!" one went on to say and another posted, "I'm seeing a few entertainment critics saying they already deleted it from their phones. Haven't tried it myself yet, but I'm getting a feeling every show on there will be watched in one six-hour quarantined binge-watch, leaving a whole year to fill. #Quibi."

A few even went on to say how they downloaded the app, only to delete it later. "Fastest download to delete time ever for an app. Downloaded @Quibi and deleted it all within 45 seconds. Overpriced and makes you enable auto-pay to try it," one wrote and another said, "Free” trial no thanks we are in a war, honey!! Anyone who gets this is really stupid - 90 days trial DELETE."

Sophie Turner (Quibi)

Another said, "Imagine launching a mobile phone only video service (that won’t work on a laptop or an iPad) during a stay at home pandemic. That’s #Quibi. Not that it made much sense pre-pandemic either. Must be a money-laundering scheme. #Ozark on Netflix that I can watch on my iPad."

Nevertheless, Quibi seems to be quite a savior for the coronavirus crisis and some people seem to love it. "This @Quibi app is smooth! Highly recommended!! #Quibi," one wrote and another said, "Gut reaction: I’d rather spend a 30mins on TikTok over #Quibi. ‘Premium mobile-only’ may be an oxymoron. Side note some of my favorite oxymorons include: jumbo shrimp, act naturally, friendly takeover, very unique, unbiased opinion and dull roar."

"Wow, @quibi just went live and it's super user friendly...Content seems cool & eclectic, will be a good break from the news and in sync with the world's current attention span #quibi," one wrote. If you're wondering what it would cost, the Quibi app specifies $4.99 a month with ads and $7.99 per month without.

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