'Queer Eye' season 4: Get ready to bawl your eyes out as the Fab Five continue their journey of inspiring heroes

'Queer Eye' season 4: Get ready to bawl your eyes out as the Fab Five continue their journey of inspiring heroes

Hold onto your horses folks, 'Queer Eye' is returning to Netflix, not just for season 4, but it has been renewed for season 5 as well. Unbelievable? Well, believe it and you might want to stock up on some eco-friendly tissues too, cause you're going to be shedding a lot of tears. 

With just a few days left for season 4 to release on Netflix, the series already has us shedding tears just from the trailers and teasers the series dropped. Ever since the Fab Five - Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk, Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown, and Tan France - announced their return with a brand new season of their Emmy Award-winning series on July 19, we have been restless to see who the new heroes are and what life-altering effects they are going to have not just on the heroes but on us, viewers as well.  

The Fab Five return for season 4 of Queer Eye on July 19 only on Netflix. (Christopher Smith/Netflix)


The series is set to release on Netflix on July 19, while we barely have a week for 'Queer Eye' season 4, here's some spoiler-free meaty information we know about the forthcoming show. 

For season 4 of 'Queer Eye' the Fab Five head over to Kansas City, Missouri to help out the local "heroes". We do know one among the heroes this season is Jonathan's orchestra teacher from Quincy Senior High School. Kathi Dooley, who is around 60 years old, hasn't changed her red mullet hairstyle in over 30 years, and now the Fab Five are back and give her a makeover. 



What we do know about Dooley's makeover, is that it not only makes her emotional but Jonathan as well, as the two share a moment together where Jonathan tells his teacher, “You have literally saved people’s lives, mine included.” Apart from Dooley, we do know that the Fab Five and their high energy will be breaking down barriers in season 4, as they meet their first hero who hasn't had a conversation with a gay person. Matt Moreland, who is 33-years-old is a divorced farmer who is facing hard times currently. But, he sure is excited to meet the Fab Five. 


The Fab Five also transforms a woman's 90s hairdo who's lifestyle is low-rider show and she just uses a lot of hairspray too. The Fab Five will also be helping lonely bachelor Kenny Yarnevich to find unconditional love and get his house ready for the first set of visitors he's had in years. 

'Queer Eye' season 4 releases on Netflix on July 19. (Christopher Smith/Netflix)

Apart from these heroes, the Fab Five also help Wanda Winters get her groove back and reduce her tough exterior. The gang also transforms "man child" John Stoner, who is a single dad and wants to be there for his daughter. Finally, we have bad boy Wesley Hamilton who transformed after he became paralyzed. The gang help make his home wheelchair accessible and give him a new look to match his positive attitude. 


With all the breaking down of barriers and change that happens in the lives of these heroes, we can't wait to see how the Fab Five will bless us during season 5. But, as of now, let's wait till July 19 to binge-watch 'Queer Eye' season 4. 

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