Body of missing 2-year-old Ruben Scott found in a crocodile-infested dam 100 meters from family's Queensland home

Body of missing 2-year-old Ruben Scott found in a crocodile-infested dam 100 meters from family's Queensland home

The body of Ruben Scott, who went missing near crocodile-infested waters in Queensland's north, was discovered in a dam 100 meters from his house.

The two-year-old was last seen near the Koolatah Station homestead, on the western side of the Cape York Peninsula on Tuesday afternoon, June 4. 

The little boy's body was found by police divers in a large dam located near the homestead on Friday afternoon about 3.30pm, officials said, as per Daily Mail

"Our thoughts go out to Ruben's family, friends and the communities of Maramie and Kowanyama, as well as everyone involved in the search during this difficult time," police said in a statement.

Chief Superintendent Brian Huxley also expressed his sorrow and condolences to the family and his gratitude for all involved in the search. "The family, as you can appreciate, are absolutely devastated," he said to reporters. "As are all the people involved in the search, everybody in the community is very sad about what occurred. The whole community is devastated."


He revealed Ruben was found only 100 meters away from his house after emergency crews ruled he probably hadn't survived.

"Probably one of the saddest parts is that, as big as the station is, as intense and as comprehensive as the search was, the reality is that he was located only 100 meters away," Huxley told reporters.

He further explained that the original plan was to "bring him home" but as the search entered its fourth day, they were forced to search the dam. "It wasn't until well after the survivability had passed that we then started to look at those immense waterways," Huxley said.

As per Huxley, police had begun to prepare a report for the coroner. "It's just the most terrible set of circumstances at this stage, that he's ended up where he has, it will probably subject of the investigation of the coroner as to what's actually happened," he said. 

The toddler reportedly wandered off while in the care of relatives, who had been desperately searching the "rugged and challenging" terrain ever since. Police told the little boy's shattered family on Thursday night they believe Ruben hadn't survived the harsh conditions. 


Earlier on Friday, Ruben's heartbroken grandfather Noel Scott thanked the community for their assistance in the widespread search. "We are preparing for the worst at the moment," Scott said as he fought back tears in front of the reporters.

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