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Gillian Anderson shocked as woman's scarf blows into Queen's face at Royal Windsor Cup leaving polo attendees horrified

Japanese musician Yoskiki's black scarf blew into the Queen's face as she descended the stairs of the royal viewing box at the Royal Windsor Cup Polo match on Sunday
UPDATED JUN 24, 2019

The Queen remained unfazed as she was hit in the face with a polo attendee's black scarf at the Royal Windsor Cup Polo match in Egham, Surrey on Sunday.

The 93-year-old royal remained calm and poised as the scarf caught some breeze and blew into her face as she descended the stairs at the royal viewing box sporting a bold pink coat, a floral dress and a pink hat decorated with feathers and flowers.

The scarf belonged to Japanese musician Yoskiki. She was horrified when she realized that her scarf had landed on the monarch's face. The musician, who is the leader of the rock group 'X Japan', immediately pulled the scarf back and seemed embarrassed while the Queen carried on and made her presentation, undeterred by the wandering scarf.

The Queen then proceeded to take a seat at the front of the royal box and watched intently as carriage drivers rode past.


Actress Gillian Anderson, who was also present in the royal viewing box, looked shocked and disturbed by the runaway scarf.

The Queen has been traditionally handing the trophy to the winning team at the end of the event which takes place at the Guards Polo Club.

The Guards Polo Club was founded in 1955 with the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip as its president. It was originally named the Household Brigade Polo Club but the name was changed in 1969.

It became a fully civilian club in 2000.

As reported by Mirror, an executive advisor at Royal Windsor Cup, David M Matsumoto said, "I am truly happy and grateful and feel it is an honor to be able to be involved in this wonderful event."

Matsumoto had lost his young son in a pool accident in the US and has since taken his two-year-old's name as his own. He has also contributed to many charitable activities.