'Queen of the South' actor Hemky Madera says season 4 will be 'shocking, explosive, and thrilling!'

'Queen of the South' actor Hemky Madera says season 4 will be 'shocking, explosive, and thrilling!'

'Queen of the South' is all set to premiere with season four on June 6 and the new season will see the show's main character Teresa Mendoza starting an empire in New Orleans with the support of the family she found in the drug business. In the new season, Teresa will find some new enemies as well, but the queen pin is expected to stay focused on keeping her family close. Pote Galvez, Teresa's trusted sidekick and protector is one of her closest and most powerful allies. Pote joined Teresa on her journey after she let him live, and has been by her side ever since.

Alice Bragga and Hemky Madera in 'Queen of the South' (Source: IMDB)

Speaking to MEA World Wide (MEAWW) in an exclusive interview, actor Hemky Madera, who plays Pote in the show, said that although he was initially sent to kill Teresa, through a series of events, he became her "protector, mentor, soldier, and family". 'Queen of the South' is based on the Spanish novel 'La Reina Del Sur' by Arturo Pérez-Reverte. The series has largely moved away from the novel's storyline and focused on Teresa's journey, giving it spins and twists which weren't part of the book. The premise of a woman who is forced to run from the Mexican cartel after her drug dealer boyfriend is killed, and seek refuge in America is shared by the novel and TV series.


Madera said in previous interviews that he loved the novel by Pérez. On how the show has taken a different course from the book, he said: "I love what we have done with the show." He added, "We've taken the characters from the book, and created a show that is fun, sexy, and thrilling in many ways, but always respecting the characters to the core." The show's lead Alice Bragga, who plays Teresa's role, has also said that she loved the novel, which is one of the main reasons why she picked up the role on the show. 

The USA Network show will be back with its season four soon and has teased viewers about what awaits Teresa and Pote in the new season. Madera reveals that it will be "shocking, explosive, and thrilling!". The new season may witness a new love interest blossom for Teresa and will add Pepe Rapazote ('Narcos') and Alimi Ballard ('Numb3rs') as two new recurring characters.

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