Will the Queen step in? Meghan Markle so hurt by father Thomas's behaviour that royal aides hold crisis meeting

The Palace is not happy to see Thomas Markle and his behavior and it looks like they might have to intervene in order to put an end to it

                            Will the Queen step in? Meghan Markle so hurt by father Thomas's behaviour that royal aides hold crisis meeting
Queen Elizabeth II (Source:Getty Images)

Meghan Markle's dad, Thomas Markle's recent public outbursts about how the royals and his own daughter have treated him, has caused a disturbance in the royal household. The royal aides reportedly held three crisis meeting in order to come to a solution on how they can stop him (Thomas) from speaking about the royal family members. It is believed that Thomas's attack on his daughter Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and son-in-law, Prince Harry has prompted the queen to intervene in the situation.

In his most recent interview, Thomas noted that Meghan is "terrified" of her new role as a royal family member and also added that Princess Diana would have “loathed” the way he is being treated by the rest of the family. It looks like that was the last straw for the royal household. 

While the queen is not at all happy to see how things have been unfolding, Meghan too is upset with how her father is attacking the entire royal family. "Meghan is deeply hurt by what is happening, and everything is being done behind the scenes to make sure her welfare is at the top of the agenda," a source told Mirror. While these secret meetings are still trying to come to a conclusion on how to handle the situation, it seems like they might have found two ways they could take to deal with the situation. 

“It’s an increasingly desperate ­situation, and now it’s come down to three options being on the table," the source revealed. "Firstly, Meghan could contact her father straight away and appeal to him directly to ask him to stop hurting her, but right now she’s decided to cut him off. There is a possibility a ­intermediary could meet with him and appeal to him to stop making such hurtful ­statements."

Queen Elizabeth might interview with Thomas Markle case  (Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)


The source continued, "The final option would be for Meghan to cut him off completely in the hope he will stop, but the ­situation is so precarious no one knows when that would be.” At the same time, Meghan also fears that if she does not contact her father, then he will reveal details of their conversation or try to sell the story. Looking at how Thomas has revealed his conversation with Harry in the past, there is no surprise if he does that once again. 

Meghan was also said to be “deeply embarrassed and hurt” that her dad mentioned Diana. Looking at how things have been shaping in the palace, it does not look like the royal household are going to hold back any longer. "This could be the final straw for Thomas. A line has been crossed," noted the source. Royal writer Phil Dampier also agreed that things have gotten out of control with regard to Meghan and her family. 

“This is getting out of control. If this carries on I wouldn’t be surprised if the Queen herself gets involved and bangs a few heads together," he said. The relationship between Meghan and Thomas hit rock bottom after various reports suggested that he had staged the pictures for the paparazzi in a bid to earn some money. Even though Thomas has apologized for that, it does not look like Meghan is ready to accept him after what he has said in various interviews. 

Disclaimer : This is based on sources and we have been unable to verify this information independently.